sheer crazygoodness

so... last night was AWESOME!!!! Took shelbs to a Breaking Ben concert in Wilkes-Barre. IT. WAS. INSANE! I had floor tickets so we were right up front. which meant people were going nuts! everybody's everything was all up in everyone. there was moshing and pushing and fighting and just sheer craziness! Shelbs panicked a little with all the people and the whole lack of air and being practically mauled to death so we moved back, but were still SUPER close!! It was so much fun. one of the most awesome concerts ever!! Pictures and video to come.

But anyway.. while my voice and ears are recovering, i must say i'm wiped out! i've been going nonstop since 2am saturday.. saturday AM i drove up to NH with my sister and mom, stopped in MA to pick up the grandparents then went up to Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunkport, ME for a day and a half, back down to MA, Boston for the afternoon Mon, Mon night in NH at my aunt's for some blackjack and family fun, Tue. AM in NH with my other aunt, took my grandmother out to lunch, got back in PA around 10-ish, then work, the concert last night, rolled in around 1AM, and now i'm back at work. and this weekend i'll be in Quakertown with Kim and Karen for some more fun! These next two months are packed and are going to be so fun.

I LOVE FALL. really. it's my busiest time, my funnest time. i need it. like oxygen. it's a necessity..

Also.. anyone know how far west you can get driving sunup to sundown? i'm thinking of a weekend jaunt to really put a nice finish on daylight savings time. and plus, i need an oil change anyway, might's well get the most out of it!


Outward signs of stress

• nail biting
• mild eye twitch (only noticeable to me)
• biting the the inside of my mouth right below my lower lip
• shaking my leg/foot, tapping fingers, pretty much constant movement of one appendage or another
• chewing on things (i.e. pens, pencils, paper clips)
• forgetting.. everything (even more than usual)
• misplacing.. everything

..well, i'm 6 out of 7.. i better chain my checkbook and keys to my wrist now, cause i'll probably lose it by the end of the week.