ten shades of Mac-cited!

So who's excited???!!! that would be me! my Boyd's check just came in today! which means i'll be buying a new mac! and new software! originally i was going to pay off my credit cards and put my computer on the one card, but instead i'm going to just keep making payments on my cards, buy my computer and whatnot with cash and sink the rest into savings.

either way.. i am one happy designer!!

now i still have to make my final decision: laptop or desktop??
i was thinking desktop because as jenna pointed out, i am a professional now and a desktop would be more powerful and i'm not running around as much as i was in school.. buuuuuut a laptop would be so much more cost effective and it would still be about 3 times more powerful than what i'm using now, plus my printer's on the other side of my bedroom and with a desktop i'd have to get a new desk so i can fit everything in the vicinity of the computer, but the desktops are nicer.. gah. i don't know. i'm SO bad at making decisions! i'm really leaning heavily toward the laptop. but then if i choose the laptop there's still the question if i want a black one or a white one??? too many choices!


A little bright spot in my day...

***Good Morning Taylor,

Got the invoices, thanks! I'll have Dave sign then pass along to accounting. We're anxious to receive the files and I'll confirm their receipt.

Again, thanks for the great work and we look forward to again working with you. When the sets are produced, I'll be sure to get a set for you.


That makes me happy. I also did yoga again today with the ladies from the Hazleton Chamber. I was nice and relaxed until i came home and was promptly lectured at and finger-pointed for about 20 minutes because our septic is shot to hell (which supposedly is my fault?? because i take one 15minute shower a day) so now our showers have to be 5 minutes or less.. which is most definitely impossible. AND the cat was all up in my bed which is now covered in cat hair even though i keep telling morgan to keep the door shut.. not like it matters cause all her shit's in a huge explosion in the room. I'm REALLY tired of it here.. and don't even get me started on my job.. ugh. it's been a day alright.


good with the bad

Good news.. Boyds is really pleased with my work. The projects are finished and all I have to send are my invoices.

Bad news.. As my mom predicted when she read my tarot cards.. there was a dropped project (which is actually kinda creepy, cause she totally called it) Boyds is dropping the Peeker Bear project (the $10,000 one) for this season and may revisit it next fall. REALLY bums me out. I was looking forward to a new Mac

Good news.. The family I used to babysit for, the father, Todd, who works in sales with PPG (maker of automotive finishes) has a client who is in need of some freelance design doing some print work. Fingers are crossed!

So. it's a bittersweet afternoon.



i just spent the last 10 minutes trying to get up from my bed. I was laying down, working on some sketches. anyway, my back is SCREAMING. it started to hurt while bending or trying to sit earlier this evening, but now it's even worse. i think it has something to do with hauling a 75lb. bookshelf upstairs, or maybe dragging the bureau down to the basement, or maybe it was carrying the 60lb. utility cart upstairs.. either way, i'm in some pain. i went to go to the bathroom and hobbled down the hall all hunched over like an old woman. i've taken two pain relievers and applied some icy hot, but it's not really doing much. i hope this is better tomorrow...


[not so] simple host

my domain isn't working. i'm a little worried about it. i can't access my e-mail, go on my website, or even access my account. i checked my billing and i'm all paid up, so it's not that. (jenna, it looks like yours is working, so i don't think it's a simplehost-wide thing, have you ever had this happen though?) if it's not working by tomorrow afternoon i'll have to call and see what the deal is. i HAVE to have e-mail access. argh.

double argh.

on a better note, i have almost 100% finished my room!! i went to ikea saturday and bought a new bookshelf, lamp, and comforter. they are completely out of the desk i wanted so i'll have to call and order it, but otherwise, everything's finally looking how i want it. i bought a wooden utility kitchen cart thing to keep desk stuff in and to keep my cutting mat on. it's really nice. i added a hook for my rulers too. it's pretty snazzy. right now i have to get some work done for work. i originally wanted to get some personal design and some boyd's stuff done, but i haven't had a minute all weekend! and since my boss needs this drawing for a client by tuesday, i should probably get a move on it.



stars, fireflies, gray blanket, and cut grass

*previously posted on myspace

While Morgan was out hitting the bar scene, I decided to stay in and get some freelance done. During this time I had to go out to my car at which point I noticed how particularly clear the sky was.. which meant it was time for some star-gazing! (one of my favorite summertime activities)

I grabbed my gray wool Africa blanket, worn and soft from 8 years of use, meandered to the top of the hill and got comfy. The stars were SO beautiful tonight. The air was perfect. Not too humid, nice and cool but not cold, and accompanied by the invigorating scent of freshly cut grass. I laid there, just staring up at the sky, watching the occasional red blinking of airplanes, wondering if the passengers are off to some exciting destination, enjoying the sporatic twinkling of fireflies against the black silhouette of the trees, listening to my dog down by the house snuffling and grunting at whatever raccoon or possum happened to be sampling his leftover kibble, occasionally wondering if the bear would emerge from the woods and attack, and listening to the crickets and other natural woodsy-type noises.

It was just so nice and relaxing. For awhile i just let my mind relax, focused on the stars and completely cleared my mind. As much as I complain about the area, I really do live in God's country, PA can really be a beautiful place. I thought about how lucky I am, while I was soaking up the scenery. I have a decent job, excellent freelance work, a great family, wonderful friends, a warm house, my health and the health of those i love. it just made me feel really appreciative and thankful. While there are areas of my life that could use improvement, overall i'm content. when it comes to life, perfection's not an option. but i'd have to say, my life is about as close to perfection (i think) as one could get, well, pretty close. when it comes to the things that really matter anyway.

life's good. i'm glad to be living it.

*sigh* i'm all drunk on nature's goodness. the magic of a starry sky, a gray blanket, and a cool summer night.. fabulous.


I just worked out to Harvey Walden's Celebrity Fit Club DVD.
And then I got bored. (hence the oh-so-cheese-tastic design displayed above)

Now I'm watching South Park, then I'm going to read some Dave Eggers.

InLove with InDesign

Oh InDesign.. I've pushed you away for so long. Who could know I'd love you so much once I got to know you. *sigh* You're SO much better than Quark. SO much better.. and have a much prettier interface. Really. And you're easy.. not cheap, but easy. I like that about you. You take all the best parts of Adobe programs yet still allow me to use my Quark shortcuts. How'd you get to be so smart, eh?

Now if only I could say the same about men...*

*(This post is probably one of the many reasons I can't, haha. The joys of Design Nerd-dom)


sign me up for Aimaholics Anonymous

k kids, i'm going to try and give up aim, well mostly, except my work aim. i find it is just too much of a distraction and i need to focus on getting a lot of personal work done. also, i just feel there are better things to do with my time, like read, or go outside. therefore, if you would like to contact me, feel free to email, or call me, or leave comments on here, or via myspace. (myspace will be the next thing to give up.. but one addiction at a time)

well, i've got a stack of work piled up and it's (unfortunately) not going to do itself.


Active Lethargy

So. I accomplished pretty much nothing tonight. I printed out stuff for Boyds in order to make edits, but didn't get much of that done. Did nothing for my personal design work. BUT i DID work out! For a whole hour! And worked up quite an amazing sweat that was loooooooong overdue! and enjoyed a couple strawberries. So I at least feel good. physically. definitely feeling the guilt on lack of productivity though. damn. procrastination's a bitch! i need to work on that.

i'm off to try and accomplish at least a little bit, but it looks like tomorrow's going to be a late night chock full of boyds bearistrations (that's my new word for boyds bear illustrations!)

procrastination = stupid. stupid. stupid.

someday. this will sink in. maybe. probably.



so pissed off

I am SO tired of this place, of my family. No one has ANY respect for anyone else or for anyone's property. It just makes me sooooo mad! Why is it so hard for my family to understand that it is not right to just go and take, lose, waste, cause damage to other people's things. I am so sick of this! I went out today and bought a particular kind of wine from a particular winery that I enjoy.. not a brand i can just go down to any regular liquor store and pick up mind you. i'm not a big wine drinker, but i like to have a glass here and there. not drink it all in one night, but enjoy it.

anyway..... i went out to see some fireworks with friends tonight and the WHOLE bottle of wine is gone. I only had one glass of it. and on top of it, the ones who polished it off aren't even legal age!!!!!! It's not the price of it or anything either.. it's the principal, and the fact that it takes me well over an hour to get to said winery. it just REALLY pisses me off. i'm tired of my stuff being taken (i tracked down all my dvds yesterday, which were scattered among various bedrooms) and my t-shirts are always missing, office supplies, etc. i don't mind if people borrow stuff, but ASK ME FIRST!!!! AND IF I BUY SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR MYSELF, DO NOT USE ALL OF IT!!! ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ASKING!!!!! BECAUSE THE ANSWER WOULD BE NO!!!!!!

(needless to say, there has been MUCH door slamming this evening. i'm REALLY REALLY pissed.. and this level of rage, isn't easy for me to accomplish or maintain)


feels so good!

I have just had the BIGGEST feeling of accomplishment.. I haven't felt this since college. Boyd's emailed me today (I sent them the last of my files for some interactive coloring sets I've been working on) and they emailed me back saying that they were very impressed and only have a few changes (and really, it's only a few, one set doesn't even have ANY changes and the most, one set has four changes). I am SO happy you have no idea!!

And to celebrate I am promptly taking a nap!


This weekend:

For once I will be staying home! Here is what I hope to accomplish...
• CLEAN and finish organizing my room
• Lynda tutorials.. CSS, possibly some Flash
• Finalize logo
• Work on some personal design stuff / concepts
• Possibly hike?

That's it. No big travel plans, no exciting events, just a nice weekend at home. aaaaah. I'm looking forward to it!

i'm having some wicked flashbacks

Ugh.. i. am. so. SO. tired.

Good news: Boyd's project is done (well, pending edits, but basically, the bulk is done)

Bad news: running the last 48++ hours on 6 hours of sleep.. with 8 hours of work ahead of me.

it's like i'm back in college or something. at least now i get substantial sums of money for my lack of sleep, which pays for a lot more than college credits do.

nice. and. nice.

though i wouldn't mind a pillow right about now...


I have seen the light... and damn, it's pretty bright!!

I bought a 3 pack of these light bulbs. They use 25% less energy than regular bulbs, produce a much brighter light (it's a noticeable and rather pleasant difference), they help the whole global warming issue, and they last 5 years and cut electric bill costs. How's that for a good deal eh? I am slowly going to replace all the bulbs in our house. Hopefully anyway. It might be difficult to find replacements for the kitchen bulbs.

Also, I got my family to start recycling. Right now it's just bottles and cans. I'm hoping to branch out to paper as well. Baby steps, baby steps.

Aaaaand (as per Jenna's suggestion).. I'm thinking of joining the Sierra Club. I'm not sure which group of the PA chapter I'd join, I can't really figure out which one caters to bloomsburg, but I'll figure it out. They help the earth and go on group hiking trips! How cool is that? Maybe I'll get to meet some new people? Sounds good to me!

Done procrastinating for the time being. It's a late night in the Boyd's realm. FUN! Bring me some caffeine bitches!



Here is a first draft of my {potentially} new logo. I need some feedback!

I'm trying to veer away from my usual illustrated style.. trying to be a little more professional than pokey pete's and a cartoon octopus. Looking for some feedback kids!

(you do not have to have a blog or be a member of blogger to comment.)


I LOVE this A! A new logo is in the works, and while playing with typefaces I came across it. It was love at first sight.
I introduce you all to Garamond Italic Alternate in A form. Isn't she a beauty? Just look at the curve of the descender. Gorgeous!

In other news, it's the forth of jooly and my mom's busy making potato salad.. yesssss! I myself am watering down a hangover. Long Island iced teas.. they're the devil. i swear. Every place makes them differently. an FYI: Berwick (Peppers) makes the strongest Long Islands ever. I had 2, a SoCo and lime, and some beer.. which translates into me making morgan pull over so I can vomit.. three times, and giving attitude to a cop (who breath-alized me, even though I wasn't driving.. ask morgan and heidi about it, you'll laugh, it was funny). It was a good start to Independence Day, haha. It's one more story for the grandkids!
Also, Panacea, a local rock band, is amazing! i must say, they are one awesome band! Overall last night was a gooood time, rather embarassing, but fun!
So now kids, i'm off to shower and work on some stuff for boyds bears! yay!