Chef's Best... Marshmallows?

I was enjoying one of my favorite snacks tonight, marshmallows with peanut butter (not to be confused with the infamous Fluffernutter sandwich, which is quite enjoyable in and of itself). Whilst enjoying this culinary wonderment of sugar-peanutty goodness, I noticed a logo on the package. (I notice these things, being a designer). Now, keep in mind, the only marshmallows I buy are Kraft Jet-Puffed. They're tasty and I like the bright colors and marshmallow-y type on the bag. Anywho, I noticed a "Chef'sBest" logo on the front of the package. Supposedly this "ChefsBest" crew goes around judging the best-tasting foods among leading competitors. They even get certified as Master Tasters.

What I want to know, is who are Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows leading competitors?? Really. I honestly can't think of another brand. I mean, how does this competition go? "Ladies and Gentlemen, up next we've got the ever delicious Kroger brand marshmallow followed closely by the occasionally-stale Weis brand marshmallow." Let's get real here. Has anybody else noticed other marshmallow brands beside Kraft and generic brands? WHO is the competition here? Is it really fair to say they are the best among leading competitors when there really isn't any competition? Or at least any serious competition? It's not like paper towels where you have Bounty, Brawny, Scott and the hands-down best Viva by Kleenex brand (when it comes to quality anyway.. taste I'm not so sure). That would be real competition and a winner would be fully deserving of the title. But marshmallows?? Hmm. At any rate, I could REALLY go for some S'mores right about now..

Also. How cool would it be to say you are a "Master Taster." Seriously. That would be AWESOME. I definitely picked the wrong field. Definitely. "No. MY mom's meatloaf is better. I should know. I am a MASTER TASTER after all." I'd say that title commands some respect, don't you?

P.S. Somebody actually posted rules for Chubby Bunny??


Guster Thumbs

Some random thumbnail images of Guster from my cellphone. Took these at the Beale St. Music Festival. So lame that they wouldn't allow cameras. Even more lame that I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to sneak one in. Ah well. Enjoy!


ROCK out!!

Went to see the Deftones in concert last night. AWESOME. Freaking AWESOME. Now, most of you know me to be this mellow, laid back, indy/alternative/folk-loving, semi-hippie girl. But little do most people know, I have an insatiable hunger for really loud, angry music. Now, not the music where it's JUST screaming. I like my music to be music.. just with a heaping side of angry, not so much rage. And last night's fest was a smorgasbord of angry, loud, sweat-filled, mosh-tastic, ROCK. I. Loved. It.

I just have this thing for angry music. I think because I'm not naturally an angry person, and even when I am angry, I really am not one to lash out that often. With angry music, I can feel their anger when I'm angry and it just does the trick. And the energy. The energy is just amazing. There is so much.. I don't know.. passion, feeling, just pure energy that comes out of angry music. I just can't get enough of it. When you're at a rock concert (I tend to be one of the kids up in the front) everyone is jumping and screaming and pumping their fists and banging their heads, and sweating... Oh the sweating! It's disgusting.. the sweat just poured off my arms, my clothes were soaked, the music was pounding.. you could feel it in every part of your body, the reverberations. All of it. The whole experience. It really is a rush. And afterwards, the adrenaline is just overwhelming.. I cranked the music up in my car and rocked out some more.. back at the apartment I was still wide awake and ready to go.

I wish that concert could have gone all night. Really. It was just SO good. I think anger, as an emotion, is highly underrated. Really.. it's so powerful. If put to good it can do wonders. No major change in society has ever come from a contented people. Ever. Without anger there would be no women voters, no freedom for anyone, segregation would still exist.. if it were not for anger, this world would be a pretty lame place.


Guitar Hero. On the big screen

Emma's awesome! Rented out a theater down the street. Bunch of folks (in our 20s to 30s) all hanging out, drinking beer, and playing Guitar Hero on a big screen. Fantastic!



I hand-coded a Michael Jackson MadLib using PHP!! It looks kinda crappy though. If it wasn't already 11 in the pm I'd apply some CSS to this bad boy. Ah well. I'm just excited it works!

Check it out, fool.

In my Element

So I'm all good and cheerful! I bought a PHP book and am on my way to learning how to use it. This is all I've got so far. Which doesn't look like, and really isn't, much of anything. BUT my thirst for everything nerdy is being quenched.

And on that note, Kevin gave me a summer reading list! I'm psyched! It is as follows:

In this order or don’t bother.

1 – William Goldman’s The Princess Bride
2 – Ursula K. Le Guin’s A Wizard of Earthsea
3 – Brian K Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man Vol. 1: Unmanned
4 - Angela Carter’s The Magic Toyshop
5 – Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman
6 – Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing
7 – Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House
8 – Roald Dahl’s Someone Like You
9 & 10 – L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz directly followed by (don’t even pause) Gregory Maguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

AND I just received Veer's latest promotion titled "The Missing Piece." The 513 piece jigsaw puzzle was wedged in my mailbox.
It's comprised of 4 images, vintage movie poster-style, showcasing their images and typefaces. I love it! Very creative. Veer has to be one of my favorite stock photo/font providers, even though I've never actually purchased anything from them. But still. Plus, they have some really kick-ass desktop wallpaper. I think I'll be saving the puzzle for a rainy day.

And that's about it for today. I'm going to make some dinner, study some PHP, and work on finishing some Kerouak.

Peace out G!



I was at the Nashville Public Library yesterday, hanging out fountainside in the courtyard with my laptop, when a gang of parents and kids came around. It's interesting, and rather humorous, to watch young children in the vicinity of fountains. They just can't help but try to crawl in, much to their parent's annoyance. Of all the kids, one youngster in particular just made me think.

A little boy, probably about 2 years old, if that, on wobbly legs with huge eyes, meandered over to a shrubbery. There was nothing in his world that was so fascinating as this bush. It was just an ordinary bush mind you, anyone would just look it over. But this child, being rather new to the world, was just awestruck. He stared at it for a good while, leering on his unstable legs, then started touching it. He got up close and was poked in the eye by branches. He grabbed a twig, stuck it in his mouth, and spit it out. He grabbed some leaves stuck them in his mouth, and spit them out. Another twig, some mulch, another leaf or two.. he just couldn't get enough of this plant.

I can't even begin to imagine being that little again and having everything be so new. EVERYTHING is new. Food, words, letters, numbers.. the whole world is ripe for the picking. In a way I'm jealous. At 24, there's not a whole lot left to figure out.. not simple things. Everything is so complicated. I must say I'm envious of the fascination. And while thinking of this it spurred other thoughts..

This little boy is just so.. little. He has so much growing, so much life ahead. What choices will he make? What directions will he take? What new things will he learn and grab onto. It's so bizarre to think we all started in that same spot. The biggest excitement of the day was discovering leaves and twigs. And to think of every different road we could have taken in life, and all the steps it's taken us to get where we are.

What if on that day, we discovered something else? Would the rest of our life be different? What if that day the little boy didn't find that shrub? Would things turn out different. All the little choices and decisions. I think they all culminate to where we are today. All the little discoveries we've never even thought about. How different would things be?

It was a fun and intriguing bunch of thoughts.


Re-Ode to Kevin Boyle (cause it's just so easy)

Kevin Patrick Patrick Boyle, whom I consider one of my best friends, and on my top five list of people I've met in my life, has re-joined the personal blogging community! And I am about ten shades of excited. To celebrate this joyous occasion I have come up with a new Ode and dug deep into the archives of my old Xanga journal to retrieve a post circa 2004, ode-ing to my old-time Monopoly buddy.

Kevin is an excellent writer and I've missed his writing, his quirky comments, sharp wit, and I just miss Kevin in general. One of the main reasons I enjoy Kevin's friendship is that it is a low-maintenance relationship. We can go months without seeing each other or hearing from each other, but the minute we see or hear from the other it's as if no time has passed. Unfotunately, it's been a LONG time since I've seen him, and the last call I've received was due to a particularly sad event. At any rate, I should probably give him a call this weekend. I digress.

ODE to KEVIN: The Sequel
(this ode is much shorter. My writing skills are not as good as they were in my college days.. not that they were any good back then either)

Kevin is Kevin. He sometimes likes people, but mostly does not. From what I can tell. He is quite intelligent and makes for extremely fulfilling (if not occasionally crude) conversation. His taste for antiques, collectibles, knick-knacks, various doo-hickeys, clothing, books, movies, you-name-it, is impeccable. In being my friend, he has definitely made my life more enjoyable, more entertaining, and more informative.

I love that Kevin will call me up and start the conversation not with a typical greeting, but with a random question. Possibly a string of random questions. "If you could pick any superpower, what would it be" or perhaps a list of "Would-you-rather" questions. Needless to say, a conversation with Kevin is always interesting and a nice break from the regular.

And Kevin, I hate you because it's just too easy. Also, I don't think you're as much of an asshole as I did in 2004. In fact, I don't really consider you one at all. How's that for progress!

And now, from the archives of my old Bonanaz Xanga journal, a treat for you

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

-(the story of our friendship... upon the request of kevin)-

if i am going to write this entry about kevin then i must be blunt. for you see, with kevin, being fake just doesn't work. i have known kevin since first semester freshman year, when he and my old roomate were actually friends and not sworn enemies. i learned very quickly that with kevin, you have to be very blunt, honest, and to the point. if kevin pisses me off, i tell him, if he disgusts me, i tell him (ahem, condom at the desk), and if for some reason kevin is being nice, then i tell him that too.

of all my friendships i have ever had, my friendship with kevin is by far the most interesting. he is definitely one of the biggest assholes i have ever met (and kev, i say that out of love, not spite) you see, you just have to take the fact that he's an asshole and understand that that's just his personality and not to take it personally. like when he tells me to go down on him, or grabs my ass.. i don't really appreciate it, but it's kevin so it doesn't bother me. that's just how kevin works. he has been known to make people cry and he can turn a friend into an enemy faster than anyone i know. yet at the same time if someone does something he really likes he is always one to complement, like when i complete a design or art project he likes, he'll tell me. he is also the most cultured person i know

kevin has seen more original pieces of artwork from famous artists such as van gogh and picasso (two of my favorites) and has been to more foreign countries than i could ever dream of. he's the only person i know who i can have an hour long conversation about art and literature and yet throughout the entire time watch him "masturbate" his furry green pillow. and then after the conversation has ended he usually comes out with some vulgar comment, farts, asks why i hate him, and then we move on to another conversation topic.

kevin and I not only have extremely similar tastes in art, we also thoroughly enjoy reading. he is a fan of steinbeck and roald dahl as am i (don't forget, you're making me a summer reading list!) .. though one of his most favorites is edward gory. he is obsessed with the muppets and buffy the vampire slayer.. obsessed being a severe understatement. he also likes to make people think he is gay.. he is what one would call a "metrasexual".. aka one who acts like they are gay when really they're straight. it's really quite funny at times. that's one thing about kevin, he can always come up with something hilarious. often raunchy and uncouth, though usually quite funny.

now despite kevin's wierd and often perverted quirks, there are a lot of things that are very good about him. as mentioned previously, he is extremely cultured. he is also extremely organized, which is something i will never be which makes me have a sort of respect for him.. i mean who else can look up any homework assignment ever completed since third grade? it's nuts! also, he helped me to be more comfortable around people.. and i mean being able to be physically close as in standing distance to other people. he would consistently attack me last year and give me huge hugs and would not leave me alone until i would let him give me a kiss on the cheek.. as annoyoing as it was at the time, this really helped me to be more comfortable around other people, though i don't think he realizes that.

one of the best things about being friends with kevin is that even though i can go months without seeing or talking to him, i can go visit him and it's as if i just talked to him the day before. he is a very low maintenance friend and requires very little effort or work to maintain this friendship. i like that. and he also has this uncanny ability to somehow make people want to buy him things.. it's wierd

so overall, kevin's a pretty ok guy. he's disgusting, perverted, and at times a royal pain in the ass and often times overly self centered, yet he's also a good friend that has good taste in art and literature, and can hold a decent conversation and is good at making people laugh (though usually what he makes people laugh about aren't things that should be funny, but that's kevin.) he's definitely someone i hope to be friends with for a long time.. especially since we're "soul mates"

well, kevin, hope you enjoyed this entry.. and no, you may not 'suck my dirty bags' or however it was you phrased that nor will i ever go down on you, and if you grab my ass one more time you will seriously get a knee to the testicles.... in other words kevin, i love you, but not like that..




Sundays. I love Sundays. I try to get to church for my weekly spiritual boost and then just chill. I've settled on a Lutheran church I like. It's downtown. I went once before but wasn't overly impressed with the congregation, but the service was AMAZING. Anyway, I tried another church for awhile that had a great congregation, but the service was just eh. Not that great. SO I went back to the one downtown today and again. The service. was. AMAZING. Today's service today was all about peace and finding peace with yourself and God and others. It was very uplifting and just really well done. And the congregation was way friendly today. I think next week I'm going to talk to them about transferring membership. I think i'd like to join this one. The service is short, only an hour, and it's just such a great charge for the week.

So. it's BEAUTIFUL outside and I want to go out to Radnor Lake, but my landlord is supposed to call and come buy to fix my AC. so i'm stuck inside by the phone. Needless to say, I plan on watching a movie, taking a little nap, and at some point working on some pro-bono design. Meh. I want to go outside!! I sat outside and read today. It was wonderful, and then my next-door-neighbors were outside and I just felt awkward. i'm not used to neighbors RIGHT next to me. Weirds me out a little. I'm whining. Sorry.

On a good note. I've started reading Dharma Bums by Kerouack (since you are always talking about it Jenna, thought I'd give it a go). Haven't gotten far into it, but I've got high hopes.

I've got the door open, the screen door going on, some nice weather, and a good book. Later I am going to roast a Cornish Hen with vegetables and various spices, with some salad, maybe a rice pilaf or something. If I were home I'd totally be making dinner for Mother's Day but I'll be eating my chicken with her in my thoughts. Can't wait to see the fam in June!!

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Sunday, and a Happy Day all around!



I'm homesick tonight. Really bad.

I miss my family. I miss my friends from home. I miss them A LOT. I miss Kim and Karen, Kris and Erik, Heidi and Kristin, Joe, Jenna, John, Kevin.. I miss the conversations.. I miss talking to Kevin about books and art only to be followed by a snide, crude remark, gossipping with Kim and Karen about boys, dancing in the kitchen with Kristin and Heidi, gorging our drunken selves on Sam's pizza.. dance parties with Kris and Erik, Shorty's, Kutztown, hanging out on Joe's balcony making fun of the people below. Sister days. hanging out at morgan's apartment. I miss hiking with Jenna, talking about books, ideas, and life in general, going out to DE to visit John and making asses out of ourselves. I miss intellectual, stimulating conversation. Going out to Harry's to see Panacea, or catch the Dad Band. Smores on the deck...

I just miss all of you. More than you know.


You can just call me Captain.. of the Chess Club

So my nerd level is running at maximum. I love it. You see that crappy looking blog? That mess of question marks and parentheses? Yeah, I have no clue how the code itself works, but I figured it out! I made that! I'm on my way to hand-coding my own blog. I'm probably going about it ass backwards, but I don't care! I've already figured out how to rearrange some things and found in the code where some of the tags are and I should be (theoretically) able to apply CSS to. I'm WAY excited!

Next round of pocket protectors are on me!!


Getting my Run On

As mentioned numerous times, back in October I came up with a list of goals I want to accomplish by my 25th birthday. One such goal is to run a 5k and I've recently set out to make this a reality. I found a running schedule in a magazine and am currently on week three. I'm signing up for a race in June.. I'm still not sure which race I want to sign up for. There's one the first weekend for the Brentwood Public Library and one later that month called Elli's Run for Africa. I'm pretty much definitely signing up for the Africa one, but not so sure I'd even be ready for the first one. We'll see. Either way I'm excited. Running feels good. I really don't like doing it, well, after I'm done running I like it, it's just getting myself to do it that's the hard part. So far so good.

In other news, I bought a WordPress book off Amazon that should supposedly help me figure out how to create a blog from scratch. I'm looking to accomplish something similar in idea (not design) to Jason Santa Maria's or Kevin Cornell's but not near as in depth. I just want to be able to code it and personalize it myself without having to download a "skin" or "theme." I think this book will help with that. I understand all the basic components of a homemade blog, just not the exact code or where to put things.. I'm a bit illiterate when it comes to PHP and databases. Anyway, this should be a fun endeavor! :-)

There are some other things I want to start working on, and I'm going to be posting pics of the kids I volunteer with soon. I've got three weeks left of volunteering with Jobs for Life then I'll have my Wednesdays all to myself! Kind of a bittersweet feeling. I relish having the extra time in my week, but am really going to miss the kids.

I could ramble on a little more, but there's coffee in the kitchen that's calling my name.