random things i get yelled at for on a regular basis:

1. really long showers in which i use up all the hot water

2. burning candles

3. hiking by myself

4. not bringing my laundry downstairs

5. driving too fast up the driveway

6. leaving my bedroom light on

Things that i don't get in trouble for, but probably should"

1. getting drunk and obnoxious (this does not happen regularly, but on the rare occasion that i do get drunk i am usually annoying, and even if i get sick, i don't get in trouble.

2. high credit card balances / irresponsible spending of money (though i'm getting better with that)

3. killing small animals

just kidding about that last one.. just wanted to see who was paying attention..



If everything goes according to plan (which so far has proven much easier than anticipated) I should have over $1000 saved up by mid-March! yeah!


stick it to the man

I am a post-it note junkie.

*also.. if you go to google image search and type in 'post-it' beware. there was a very scary image of a man bending over with an octopus coming out of his ass. it was disturbing.


royal treatment

This weekend my car is going to be treated like a king! Tomorrow I'm getting the full oil change and I'm going to have all the fluids checked, and the air in my tires checked, and get it vaccuumed. And since tomorrow's supposed to rain, Sunday I am going to get a car wash (because supposedly it will be nice out.) I"m going to clean out the inside, wash the windows, shine it up, dust it, the whole bit. and since the new car smell has pretty much been replaced with the smell of stale coffee, I may even go crazy and buy an air freshener! Too bad it's not warmer out cus then I'd even think about waxing it!

Look out my little sentra, you're going to be the happiest car ever!!


cruelty to designers

you want to know what's REALLY cruel? my boss is going to this year's HOW conference, in VEGAS!! and is not taking his graphic designer (the ONLY graphic designer here.. ahem.. ME!). that totally bums me out.



does anyone else find the bee on the Nasonex commercials to be REALLY REALLY creepy? the commercials just give me the heebie jeebies.. seriously. he just looks so.. unnatural. know what i mean? and the accent. what is he? european? spanish? i can't tell! and the fact that he's a bee with an accent.. and teeth. bees aren't supposed to have perfect white, crest-worthy teeth. and he has a very odd shaped head.. i mean, he is a bee, so it's not like his head would be normal looking, but still.. ok. enough procrastinating.. getting some work done.


blowing off some steam

i need to vent. and the person i need to vent about is myself.

basically, i'm becoming someone i don't like. i am becoming sedentary, lackadaisical, and downright lazy. financially i'm a mess. i have had SOOO many awesome creative ideas, yet have not made any action to follow through with any them. while work is going wonderfully, all other areas are lacking. i don't like my body, i have not been taking care of myself. this last week i've started getting back to the gym and i can definitely notice a difference. and it's not a positive difference. being at home, my eating habits have been pretty much shot to hell. i watch FAR too much tv and have a building pile of books that i have yet to read. all in all, i'm dissapointed in myself. i need to get myself pointed in a better direction.

i know everything that i have to do to be who i want to be, i just need to kick myself in the ass and get myself motivated.

that's what it all boils down to. i. have. no. motivation. i have MANY reasons to be motivated, yet none of them have actually gotten me motivated to do anything. the only person who can get me out of this funk is me. i just need to be selfish. i need to spend time and energy on myself. i need to work on becoming a happier, healthier, more creative, more active me. and that's going to require some work.

i need to think about the things that i REALLY want and need. everyday my mind is in a different place. some days i am content with living at home. other days i wish so bad i will get a raise so i can move out. i think about things like relationships. i went on a couple dates a few weeks ago. nothing serious. but it really made me think about what i want. for so long all i thought was 'i want a boyfriend i want a boyfriend' but now that i really think about it, i don't want one. i see the relationships my sisters are/were in, and the idea of having someonecall me/me having to call someone every night, working all day and then having to come home, get dressed up, and go out, having someone keep tabs on where i am, what i'm doing, who i'm with.. i just don't want any of that. i'm very comfortable with my independence right now. i'm not sure if that's good or bad, but that's the way it is at the moment. i just need to focus on myself. i need to get into a more positive mindset and just feel better about who i am.

this week i plan to start. i know that all the changes i want to make are not going to happen overnight, but i figure i can at least get myself started.

this week:
- i WILL go to the gym and workout at least 3 days this week
- i WILL watch the foods that i'm eating and how much i am eating. (i REALLY need to get back on track with that)
- i WILL create a budget and start monitoring my expenditures.
- i WILL unplug my tv until i either read 3 books or lose 10lb. whichever comes first.
- i WILL start acting on my creative ideas and making them work.. even if all i do is sketch them out.

so far these are my goals. i just really really need to get myself in a good spot. while i am happy with my life and everything i have, i am just not happy with myself. so how can i expect to enjoy my life to its fullest if i can't be happy with myself?

here i go...


a little bit of tennessee

so.. this is pretty much the same exact post that i just put up on my xanga, which is probably a bit of a cop out. hopefully i find more motivation to keep this thing updated. i guess i've just been avoiding my computer a little. after spending 8.5 hours a day working in front of one, i don't really feel like sitting in front of mine as often when i'm home.

so how are things? how's life? how is everyone doing? hopefully well! things with me are great. work is steady, i've been getting a lot of new projects that i am in charge of, so i'm pretty stoked about that. i'm getting a lot more responsibility and with that even more creative freedom. hopefully this means i'll be getting a raise at some point.. that would be nice.

i went to tennessee for new years, though most of you who read this already know that.. it was AWESOME! here are a couple pictures:

--Dixie Dirt at Barley's.. a local band that lives in the apt. above jenna. it was their last show. good band though

--some knoxville grafiti that i thought was rather interesting

--the VERY top of the chimney tops trail in the smoky mountains.. AWESOME.. there aren't words to describe it. the hike was probably the toughest hike i've ever been on (probably due to the nice layer of ice covering a majority of the trail) it was the BEST way to end 2005

--an iron iron in ashevill, nc.. how ironic, and here's one of jenna with jazz (who is looking particularly evil.. though he is really quite a cool dog)

so that was my new years. it was a blast! i definitely want to go back. TN's a cool place.

since then i've been pretty much just working. nothing too exciting. i have some new ideas brewing.. i'm thinking of starting a product line, but i want to wait a little before i unveil it.. i need to actually follow through with it first..

anyway, i'm getting back into running, not that i was really a runner before. i actually pretty much hate running, but it's good for me and i feel good when i do it. i ran 1.5 miles 3 days last week. hopefully this week i'll be able to do more. morgan has a new beau (who happens to be really awesome! she picked a good one) and my mom keeps cooking all this food for him which means huge dinners and today we had a huge post-church brunch..ugh.. i really need to cut back.. or my mom needs to stop being such a good cook!

so anyway.. hope this post finds everyone chipper, cheerful, and oh so peachy!!

*Thank you Jenna for a wonderful Knoxville adventure!!*