What's the Story

I swear I had two other posts here. I must have only saved them as drafts. Ah well. This week is full of busy. I went to Exit/In on Tuesday to see Band of Horses. They are AMAZING. The Funeral is just such a gorgeous song. Their show was awesome. Their voices and the way they play, I was consumed. The crowd itself sucked, but that's generally the case at Exit/In. I was right up front too. Wicked sweet. I didn't get pictures, but the people next to me got enough to keep every photo album in Nashville stocked. Anyway, it was wonderful. Here's the music video for "The Funeral." Definitely one of my new favorites.

Also, I went to a hockey game tonight. I've decided I'm an official Preds fan. I have to say, I'm really not a fan of sports, but I really do enjoy hockey games. I don't know that I'd like to watch it on TV, but live, it's GREAT! The games are really fast-paced and get pretty intense. Perfect for short attention spans. Plus, it's not outside and they play rock music. Aside from the game, I had also inadvertently made three other plans for the night: an AIGA meeting which I missed, a henna party and a rock show. I think the hockey game was the best choice of the four.

So moving forward, I got an email today from a Marketing Research company that wants me to do some freelance print ads for them. I'm pretty stoked. I have to give them a timeline and pricing. It's been awhile since I've come up with that kind of stuff. I really like working with this client so I think it will be fun. I designed an illustrated Christmas email campaign for them which was REALLY fun. I'm excited. I hope it all pans out.

And on a fun note: here is the "Regular Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song." It was passed around the design team. HILARIOUS.
Here's the first one and the second. Way funny.

and 2




My family may live 14 hours away, yet their drama STILL drags me down. Ugh. I CANNOT be a mediator from this far away. It just doesn't work.
I'm just not going to answer my phone or instant messages for awhile...


Brain = Potato Chip

Stagnant. That's how I feel today. I finally got around to cleaning my apartment. This has been on my to-do list for awhile now. I don't just mean tidying up some clutter and doing dishes, I mean the real-deal. Dusting, vacuuming, washing the floor, lint-rolling the couch, cloroxing all countertops and surfaces. The whole shebang.

I've made a discovery along the way. Laying all around my apartment were found remnants and articles of my lack of activity. I've noticed numerous books that have gone unread, a few of which are overdue at the library, twice-renewed. An untouched Michael's bag full of paintbrushes, paper and pallete. My unplugged Wacom tablet, dusty design books, crumpled up directions on how to knit a hat next to knitting needles and dusty yarn. A Wok, stir-fry book and Whole Foods bag of jarred Asian sauces in the corner. The bag of Christmas goods from home, still not put away. Posters I've had for months, unframed and still rolled up. Tools yet to be put away after assembling a rowing machine. The battery to my smoke alarm that I've been meaning to put back for ages.

What is the deal with me? I have all these big ideas and no follow-through. Even little mundane tasks, pushed to the side. A mess of intentions, creative aspirations and all thoughts pointing forward. And yet, nothing even gets started and what is put into production never gets finished. It's sad and makes me feel lazy. Which I guess that's what I've been. I have managed to complete all 3 seasons of Arrested Development, the second season of The Office, and have read 2 books, and have slept over 8 hours a night since getting back from PA. Yet creatively, I haven't accomplished a thing. I'm really beginning to disappoint myself. By brain has come to resemble a potato chip. Dried up, crunchy and mostly unhealthy.

So. This means this week I will start and finish one task. I'm not sure which of the many it will be, but I will do SOMETHING to get my brain working. My apartment may be dust-free as of this morning, but the overcrowded cob-webs of my brain need to go as well.


365 Days of Nashville (and then some)

As of last Sunday it has been a year since my move to Nashville. I have to say this was the best decision I've ever made. I am growing into a much better, healthier and happier human being than ever before. In celebration (and boredom at the moment) I am posting in celebration of the past year and in anticipation of the year to come.
A rundown of this last year's goodness as follows:

I've lost some weight, dropped a couple pant sizes, and am at a number I haven't seen since about 8th grade. You won't find a single non-whole wheat carbohydrate in my apartment and my fridge is stocked with produce about 85% of the time. I've made some amazing friends and am having the time of my life. The people I've met here are wonderful! Hilary, Jenn, Jessica, Mark, Daff, Mike, Will, Nate are wonderful additions to my friend-base. Quality friends if ever I've known some.

I've seen more live music in this last year than my whole life combined, Nashville's great for free and very cheap but really good shows. I work for emma and LOVE LOVE LOVE my job! I get to interact with clients all over the world, have creative freedom, the ability to work at my own pace, work with AWESOME people and drink beer and play Guitar Hero (and Rock Band) on Fridays. I volunteer my time and am on the board of and am a very active member of AIGA. I read more, travel more and just do more in general and my social skills have greatly improved.

Since my move, I've discovered a few new "likes" that I would not have originally expected.
For Instance:

• Hockey
• Grits (particularly Low-Country Shrimp and Grits)
• BlueGrass music
• Girly Movies / Chick-Flicks.. not the sad drama ones, but the fun up-beat types
• Mexican Restaurants
• SONIC! (How I've lived 24 years of my life without Lemon-Berry Slushies and drive-thru tator-tots is a mystery)
• life without cable
• Yankee Candles
• Spicy Food
• Makeup
• Henna Tattoos

So overall, I'm really excited and happy with the past year and am really excited for this upcoming year.
I don't have as many goals leading up to 26 as I did leading up to 25, but the goals I have are bigger than usual.

The big two are:
• Save money
• Lose the rest of the weight

and my two small goals, which I'm considering New Year's resolutions and not birthday goals are:
• Run a 5k (I'm at 2.5 miles, so I'm getting there)
• Find myself a boyfriend

That's right folks. I'm finally at a point where I think I'd like a relationship. Never thought I'd really come to this decision. I've always cherished my independence and solitude, but the more I think about it, the more I think it would be really nice. So. If any of y'all know any nice single guys (particularly well-read with a good sense of humor and mildly-attractive) let me know!

I hope 2008 is starting out well for everyone!
Bonne Année, Bon Santé!



Peacock: Symbol of love, passion, luck, protection, and prosperity.

Went to Jenn's for a henna party tonight and to watch Knocked Up. It was a good time. Jenn made me that sweet henna tattoo you see pictured above. Hopefully will give me some good luck in the start of this shiny new year. Definitely a good symbol. The tattoo's kind of light yet but should be dark by tomorrow morning. It turned out REALLY nice! Jenn's got mad skills.


Holy Beesus I'm Bored

Working on AIGA stuff. Took a break to doodle. I took out a book from the library on "force full" figure drawing. Like animation-type character drawing. I really need to draw more. I do love it so. Was thinking about working out tonight and about how much I hate running yet I make myself do it. One thought led to another and voila. Random doodle. (p.s. that is not supposed to be me, though my butt probably is that big).



Of course, we couldn't have snow while I was actually there. Boo. Fun pictures though. And I'm definitely not sad about the weather this week being in the mid-50s to low-70s. Very nice indeed.


Lone Hikers Beware

Police seek 'weathered' man seen with missing hiker

Now, I'm certainly not going to stop hiking by myself, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't genuinely freaked out a smidge. Jenna and Heather, you may find the article a bit interesting.

If I had to guess, I'd say she was probably abducted. If you were lost, you'd have your water bottle and leash with you. Creepy nonetheless.