My Second Home

To all you design kiddies interested (and following suit to kristin’s previous post).. here she is.. my little home away from home. I actually tidied it up a bit before taking this shot. I’ve got all sorts of whatnot strewn about.. my G4 (most definitely not the newest and best) with an old not-so-fancy monitor, i make do (but i have CS2 at least, so that's a plus) design books/magazines, flourescent post-its, a caddie with pens/pencils/highlighters/sharpies, chapstick, ipod, scanner, files, space heater, mint m&ms, an orange so i pretend to be healthy, doodles, posters/printed et cetera, a broken lamp, and various toys.. you know, the necessities. enjoy!


The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design

So I guess All Saints Day has just come around and my mom got up early to research it for her Sunday school class. As I sat down for breakfast I noticed a packet she had printed out for me to look at. Turns out she found The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design. If you are a designer and have any knowledge of Catholocism, Western Religion in general, or spent most of your youth in the church, you may want to check this out. I foud it quite funny! I'm a particular fan of Saint Exacto and Saint Pantone. The pictures that go with each are priceless! Even has eery church music to go with it.



Hope all you kiddies had a fantastic Halloween chock full of tricks and/or treats! Myself, I helped pass out candy at Morgan’s apartment on 5th Street... which happens to be THE busiest street for trick or treating in Bloomsburg. We went through about 50 bags of candy.. no lie. It was NUTS! Personally, through the experience (growing up in the country we never had trick or treaters) I've come to the realization that Halloween is a true test as to whether a parent has done a good job in the child-rearing department. It’s very easy to tell really. The kids who say Thank You, take only one piece and don’t run out in front of traffic.. those kids’ parents pass. The offenders.. those kids who don’t say anything.. no ‘Trick or Treat’ or ‘Happy Halloween’ and certainly no ‘Thank You’ and who take huge handfulls of candy at a time, well, their parents don’t score too high. Overall it was a fun experience. Some of the costumes were fantastic! The youngest kids by far were my favorite. They were SO excited! And some of them were so in awe (terror) of our Jack o’ Lanterns, it was cute. Makes me want to be an Auntie. I told my sister she better find a man and bust out a few children soon, preferrably already at the age of 4. Just skip the mess and go straight to the fun.

I must say though, now that Halloween’s over, I’ll seriously miss AMC TV’s Monsterfest. Classic. I LOVE it. In the last week I’ve watched SO many horror movies! Between DVDs, TV, and the theater I’ve watched: Saw 3, Wolf Creek, Friday the 13th, Lost Boys, Child’s Play, Children of the Corn, a Munster’s marathon, the Omen, the Exorcist, Fright Night, and Sean of the Dead, Dracula, and the Invisible Man.

But not to fear (or maybe so) November 17-19 is Horrorfest! 8 new horror films will be released an aired in theaters that weekend! I just need to decide where I want to go see it. I think I may be in Kutztown that weekend and Reading’s playing them.. soooo.. Kris and Erik, you better clear your calendars now!

*sigh* October went way too fast. I’m not ready for November.