Caffeinated gum. College students and midnight oil-burners rejoice! Whoever came up with this one is a genius. Thank you, gum inventor guy! You are right now keeping me from passing out on my keyboard!



the vegetarian black bean soup at panera (accompanied by a whole grain baguette) is super ridiculously delicious. it looks very unappetizing, but trust me, it's SO tasty! and VERY filling! i strongly suggest it.


I had a client tell me i'm 'the best!' today. and another client went on and on about how happy she was with the work i've been doing for her. things like this make me happy, really make me love what i do.



Ugh. today is most definitely a monday of mondays. Chock full of tedium. Hours of minor code/web/text changes, adjusting, readjusting, and aligning of text for a graduation program, and working on a township map.. BORING.

100% bored out of my skull.


a nutshell, in which my weekend resides

This weekend, I must say, was fairly fantabulous, or at the very least fun. Let's give 'er a rundown:

Friday: Friday afternoon Morgan and I went tanning. That's right folks, tanning. I have ALWAYS been very much against tanning, but Morgan being the devil on my shoulder, talked me in to it. It was.. mm.. interesting, and kinda creepy. The place we went was kinda skeevy, shady, and had posters of half-naked overly tanned models everywhere. It was like a porn shop's little sister, not hardcore or quite as creepy, but still a bit on the nasty side. Definitely needed a shower right after i got home. Then came friday night (brace yourselves)

Friday night Morgan and I decided to go out to Harry's (a local bar) neither of us planned on getting drunk (I volunteered to be DD, which is fairly uncommon of me) but Morgan, the girl of little to no self control, got good and smashed. After a couple hours she dragged me over to Hess' (another local bar) against my will.
So anyway, we're at Hess', she's ogling some random dudes, they leave, then she drags me to some bench by the pool tables. She's all flirty flirt with one of the guys playing pool when out of nowhere two drunk guys come over, one of which is all over morgan in a most obscene way. I automatically figure 'oh wonderful, here we go' and then the other guy, Jim, sat next to me and we started talking. He right away pointed out my stand-off-ish ness. I'm just not an overly social person. Especially when i'm 100% sober, swimming in cigarette smoke, and waiting for Whorgan to finish flirting with guys. But needless to say, we talked most of the night and he even dragged me on to the dance floor (and mind you, i'm a HORRIBLE dancer when i'm sober and generally avoid it at all costs.. i'm probably bad at dancing when i'm drunk too, but at that point i don't care) so anyway, i make a good ass out of myself, but it was fun, and then we watched morgan and her guy hang all over each other (which was kinda gross). So then we went over to the bar and talked some more. He really seemed like a cool guy, despite the drunkennness. Very regular, as in not a douche-bag. Didn't hang all over me, very non-invasive. And was actually interesting and seemed like a nice guy. I liked that.
Then he decided we should go get pizza, and then morgan and the other guy came over (and he was particularly annoying, i think his name was al or something. he was very much a douche-bag) i offered to give them a ride home. (al-whoever and jim are roommates). Jim showed me pictures of when he was a zookeeper (which i found particularly cool. especially where he was holding an alligator.. i definitely couldn't do that!) anyway, it was a most enjoyable evening, even though he was drunk.

I would hope this jim guy and i become friends, but i think he's just going to be "that guy i met at the bar that one time" though i did give him my screenname. who knows. i wouldn't mind a new friend around here

Saturday: so did you get through that horribly long paragraph? eh? Saturday was super low key. Woke up, forced my fat ass to go running, cleaned my room way seriously. Cleaned out the closet and all my bureau drawers and everything. Went on a short hike, and then just bummed around the rest of the night.

Sunday: went to church, had to read the prayers and accidentally read the part the pastor was supposed to read. oops! After church I went to a Premier Designs Jewelry party with Helen, the woman I work with. She's REALLY nice! Such a wonderful person. The party was actually fun. The woman who hosted it works for a company that is one of our clients. Her house was GORGEOUS! It was out in New Tripoli. It was a good time, I must say. I like hanging out with middle aged women. They're so much nicer, less stuck up, and have less hang ups than girls in their 20s. You wouldn't believe the crap that middle aged women talk about too.. anything from pets to sex toys, it's great! And I got to have some wine, good food, play cheesy games, and spent $72 on jewelry I really didn't need. Came home, talked to Kim on the phone awhile, probably call Karen later tonight. Overall it was a good day.

If you're still conscious after reading this, congrats!

But now, I'm in the mood for some sweatpants and donnie darko! 'night folks!


bears bears and more bears!

So i received some great news from Boyds Bears!! They've decided to push the coloring books back a season, but they are coming up with some new interactive coloring projects (like cardboard coloring pieces kids can put together to make scenes and stuff, like with butterflies and trains and other kid-type paraphernalia). My drawing samples (i sent five different illustrations) were sent around to the marketing department and looked over by the people in charge of marketing as well as the entire marketing team and she (Pam who's in charge of marketing) said they have several projects over the next few seasons (notice the plural) that they want to work with me on. They're having me visit June 3 for an official tour of Boyds Country in Gettysburg so I can get an idea of the branding and the feel for the project and we can sit down and discuss all the upcoming projects. They're going to send me rough sketches of some new ideas they have. How cool!! I'm SOOOO excited!! And also, Pam seems SUPER nice!! (she's my contact person) Definitely made my day!

And that's about all the news I have for tonight.

Take care kiddies!

Also: For the first time ever, I'm starting to feel a level of loyalty to the town of Bloomsburg. I somewhat feel like defending it when people say it sucks (even though for the most part I agree). I'm even warming up to the idea of moving into town. Is it possible?? Could I maybe finally be starting to consider Bloomsburg home?!? That kinda scares me a little.


happy [yester]day

I've lost 7lb. and Boyd's Bears still wants me. Yay. :-)


cleaning spree

Today was a good day. I got up (around 8 ) and it was really nice out so i forced myself to go running (which i haven't done in about 3 months). i was sooooooo sore! but it felt really really good.

i was the only one home today (mom, dad, and morgan were at morgan's graduation, nik was at a bday party, and shelbs was at a friend's house) so it was nice, i came home, got a nice long shower, made some breakfast then spent the day cleaning the house. We had a HUGE thunder storm! complete with hail and everything! I left the door open the whole time, just to get some of that nice air in the house, and i liked the sound of the thunder and rain. thunderstorms are my favorite.

I took a break from cleaning around 11 and went to the mall to pick up a card for my mom, and some chocolate for her, and also wound up spending $65 on myself (don't worry, I spent $50 on my mom's actual gift, so It wasn't like i spent $10 on her and $65 on myself) came home and wrapped mom's gifts, made some lunch, cleaned a bit, then took a nap. had a bit of a migraine when i woke up, but i took a few excedrin and it went away.

tonight i cooked my filet mignon. it was SO good!! i made a little sauce thing to go with it, i chopped up 3 kinds of tomatoes, and made a sauce out of soy sauce, dijon mustard, parsley and garlic and mixed it with the tomatoes with salt and pepper. it was SO delicious on the steak! and i made fresh green beans to go with it. it was a picture perfect dinner. sometimes i wish i had gone to cooking school instead of design, but i wouldn't want to be a chef, i just want to learn all the ins and outs of cooking just for myself, i wouldn't really want it as a career. it was fun. i love cooking.

and that's about it, caught the ending of king kong with my parents, it was pretty sad. and then watched boring tv shows with my dad (which is a favorite pastime of mine)

overall, i'd have to say it was a peachy saturday. really can't complain. :-)



what’s up what’s up

Completely bored at work. The boss is out and I'm caught up for the week, so I'm just chillin out, getting some small stuff done. Nothing too exciting to report. I don't think Boyd's is having me do their coloring books. They emailed me last Thursday saying they really liked my revised drawings and were sending them to the Marketing Department for review. Still haven't heard anything. I emailed on Tuesday to see what was going on and they never got back to me. Seeing as how they want the illustrations for June 2, I'm going to go ahead and assume they're not using me as their illustrator. Which pretty much sucks. But that tends to be the case lately. Oh well. That's life. I have my moment of mild depression, pick myself up, and work on the next thing. I'm thinking of doing a kick-ass promotion. I'm going to re-design my site and everything. All based around the coloring book idea. I think it could be fun, and in a way, turning my negative experience into a positive one. I want to take the whole summer and really work on it. I'm also thinking of placing an ad in the local paper, see who needs some freelance design work done. I doubt there's much competition in Bloomsburg. Or at least none that I can tell. I need to see if there's a local publication.

Morgan and I are going to get an apartment in June. We were both pretty leery about it, but I think it will be fun. Since she'll be making gobs of cash (she'll be a nurse working the Trauma/ICU at Geisinger, making more than double what I make) she offered to pay 2/3 the rent and I'll pay 1/3 and we'll split amenities. I'm really excited about it. I'll be an official townie! (gasp! who'd a thunk it!) I like the idea that i'll be able to walk all over town, and to the park, and wherever else. And it will be kinda nice having a sister for a roommate cus if one of us is doing something annoying, we can just tell each other, and if we fight, no big deal. It's not uncommon for us to fight and yell and scream and then 5 minutes later be like 'hey, let's go to the mall or something.' So that's a definite plus. And she'll have crazy hours and probably not be home much anyway. It will also be nice having the rest of my family only 10 minutes away. (free laundry!!)

I'm also back on the old 'weight loss' horse. I lost 50lb in college and have gained 15 back since moving home. Not a good thing. That's also got me down, so I'm working to fix that. I've started eating ridiculously healthy. No artificial stuff, no refined foods, (that includes diet foods too, like that 100 calorie pack shit) No white bread white pasta or white rice. Just healthy food. A TON of vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains. Sounds pretty boring, but so far I'm actually really enjoying it. I'v lost 6lb.(since Monday) and feel REALLY healthy! And so far I haven't been hungry. Which is always a good thing. I'm hoping this is something I'll stick to. So far I haven't run into any problems. My mom brought home food belonging to every member of the 'O' family: Oreos, Doritos, Cheetos, etc. and cheese danish, and morgan brought home donuts.. and I guess from not eating sugar or anything, I lost my cravings for it. I haven't wanted any of it. Nik sat next to me eating Oreos for breakfast and I was perfectly content with my scrambled eggs and toast. I'm thinking of trying out some new recipes this weekend. (I bought myself a little filet mignon, I'm excited about that) and I've started taking a multivitamin and calcium.
We'll see how this all works out.

SO that's all i've got. i've got 2.5 hours to kill and I think it's going to be an ugly battle. I think I may just be bored to death.

In the words of Kip: "Peace out" (Said in exactly the same voice)



so not too much is going on right now. 15 minutes til i go home, no one else is here, so i thought i'd update.

hgtv (for those that still don't know yet) is a no go :-( but i may possibly get some freelance from them (i'm hoping anyway), but boyd's bears looks like it may happen. my drawings made it through a round of revisions, and now they're being sent to the product marketing department for review. i hope they make up they're mind soon cause they want first proofs of all the books by june 2nd, and they've yet to make a decision if i'm going to be illustrating them or not. also with boyds, my name was passed to a woman in another department and she wants me to do two illustrations of a nurse bear to use for signage. so i'm pretty excited about that too. and i'm throwing around the idea of doing some volunteer design work. i've been scouting out some volunteer organizations that need design help on volunteermatch.org. found some great stuff!!

this weekend i'm going to new jersey to visit kim and karen for kim's bday celebration. haven't decided yet if i'm going up friday or saturday. DEFINTITELY looking forward to it!! :-D

morgan graduates next weekend (not this weekend) which means she'll be moving back in for a little bit, but i still get to keep my room. she's camping with shelbs (and since she'll be making some sweet cash at geisinger she'll be in her own apartment soon enough) my mom and i are going to do over my room, repaint it, bring up my new furniture. i think i'll be sticking around pa for awhile. things aren't so bad here now, my opinion's respected a bit more and my pay is a little higher and i'm getting some great freelance opportunities. so overall it's not too bad. still kinda bummed about the knoxville situation, but i'm not really upset. just moving forward.

i was just looking up my horoscope (i'm a libra, in case anyone was curious, which i'm sure no one is). pretty interesting. looked up my sign compatibility and did a quiz on a different site.. supposedly my best match is a gemini. (15 minutes isn't really enough time to start any new actual work).. anyway, i think it's kinda funny. my dad's a gemini (i get along the best with him out of everyone in the house, we never fight) and two of my biggest crushes were geminis. so how weird is that? also, i get along least with cancer.. my mom's a cancer. explains a lot. she and i argue the most out of the whole family.

well, looks like it's 4:30! time to go home! yessssssssssss...

EDIT: The Boyd's Bear signage project (not the coloring books) went in-house. i'm really starting to hate that term.