heck yes!

what what? free movie from movie gallery! that was one junk-phone call i wasn't irritated to receive!


This scares me.



So if all this works out, I'm thinking of getting a dog. A black lab to be exact. Here are my two favorites with their online descriptions:

Here's Sam:
Gentleman Sam....and I do mean gentleman!!...What a wonderful 2 to 3 year old black lab companion for someone, and what a wonderful dog to train as a therapy dog!!!.....Sam is a very friendly and very sweet dog looking for that forever, loving family he so deserves! ....He bonds very quickly at even the slightest bit of lovin'! What do you say about a dog who has it all???!!!??? Rides well in the car; friendly with people; friendly with other dogs; loves to play, but is a true cuddle buddy during the quiet times; responds readily to praise/rewards...Amazing how quickly he is learning basic commands such as sit, down, come, over, and shake....Sam is very small right now, weighing only 40 lbs., with his having been "on the road" for several weeks looking for food! With the right foods and a normal feeding schedule, he should soon build up some muscle and body weight! He is neutered; UTD on all shots; heartworm negative; and on monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. Don't miss out on Sweet Sam....He's a one in a million dog!

and here's Tap
Tap is 4 year old spayed female. She is about 70 lbs.
She likes to retrieve and is good with other dogs.
She has not been around cats. She does well with children. Her owner is having health problems and needs to find her a new home.

I'm leaning towards Tap. But they both look like great dogs. I will NOT, I repeat, NOT get a cat though. Some cats are OK, but you never know a cat's personality til you have it for awhile, and if it's a sucky personality, you're stuck with it. I find dogs are much easier to get along with.


I'm so excited! and I just can't hide it!

I'm practically jumping out of my skin! :-D



Tonight for dinner I had homemade biscuits with butter and molasses. mmmm. sooooo good. It's a Canadian thing, but boy is it tasty! I'll have to post the biscuit recipe later. Don't use pillsbury biscuits, you need the real deal, flour biscuits.

I suggest you try it. Amazing.


it's friday!

This week has just been insane! Super busy! Glad it's over.

I can't focus on anything today. I'm just way too excited. I don't want to do any work.

It's Saint Patrick's Day. I didn't wear green. I'm over it. Going out tonight, gonna see Kim and Karen, gonna drink some green beer, gonna watch Drew's band, gonna have me a fun time!


Thursday the Sixteenth of March Two Thousand and Six

Things are looking good!! Keeping my fingers crossed..

Also, today feels like the longest day EVER!! How is it that it's only 10am?? And when did going to bed at 2:30am become REALLY late?

I'm getting old.


Anger as an emotion is highly underestimated.

a little Sugar goes a long way

ok shelbs. it's 6:30 in the morning and you've been blasting the same Sugar Ray song about 4 or 5 times already. There are hundreds of thousands of other songs out there you could be playing that would be far more enjoyable to listen to at this hour.

sisters. sheesh.



It's thundering outside. My window's open. I have a candle burning. The rain is pouring down so hard, I'm afraid the ground may just wash away. There's a breeze coming in the window. This is so relaxing. Just SO amazingly wonderful. This sound, the smell of the air. mmmm.

This is nice.


Mini Adventure

Yesterday I drove out to New Jersey to visit Kim and Karen. My point of destination: Cranford. In my posession: a folded sheet of paper with basic instructions. Take 80E to 287N to 24 to the Parkway to Cranford. Traffic was a bit intense and I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the roadsigns and needless to say, I missed my exit. After awhile I thought, “Hmm, I seem to have been on 80 for an awful long time. Where the hell is my exit?”

Literally, not even 5 minutes later, what do I see? The NEW YORK CITY SKYLINE! First thought: “Fuuuuck, how the hell did I manage this one?” (I swear a lot when I drive) So I keep going and see the last exit in New Jersey, the NJ Turnpike. I take that, going south, stop at a rest area and call Kim. She says “It’s ok. Just go North on the Turnpike, take exit 11, and that will get you to the Parkway.” Good. Good. or so I think…

So I’m going North, following the turnpike signs when all of a sudden the turnpike signs dissappear and the road branches into two sides one says Upper Level, one says Lower Level. I was on the left so I just kept going that way. I then see a toll booth with a sign that reads NEW YORK CITY with a HUGE-ASS bridge on the other side. mmm... cue panic mode. I call Kim, she doesn’t know where I am, so I ask the toll booth lady, she tells me to double around back over the bridge and that will take me to the turnpike. and she was right and that was good. So I finally get to Kim’s and tell her parents about my mini adventure and her dad informs me that I crossed the George Washington Bridge and was in the Bronx, Harlem-ish. Nice. Thank god I didn’t know that then.. I was already panicking.

But anyway, that was a fun adventure. A little nerve-wracking. I’ve never been that close to NYC behind my own steering wheel. It looks a lot bigger when I’m the driver.

Kim, Karen, and I had quite the fun time last night as well. We went to a bar whose main event was country line dancing. Yeah, that’s not my scene. Something about the way tight jeans cleave to a man’s ass cheeks, just not appealing. And there were far too many cowboy hats, boots, and overly shiny belt buckles for my taste. It was fun though. Made for some GREAT people watching! And Karen got good and tipsy and boy did she dance! It was great! Kim and I made an attempt at it. I failed miserably. I’m just not coordinated enough for that. Maybe if I knew how, it would have been more fun, but I just felt like a bumbling idiot on the dance floor. I’m not used to the music either. “Honky Tonk” is not a member of my vocabulary. Though the “Don’t Touch my Willy” song was rather amusing. It was fun watching everyone else. Supposedly there was a mechanical bull there as well, but we never found it. All in all, it was a good time.

Now I’m going to watch a movie with my parents then work on some design stuff…


Oh my God.

I like church. I really do. Especially when the old people do skits.


hershey's kissables

I like Hershey's Kissables because they look like Sorry game pieces. And they taste like the American version of Smarties which are the Canadian version of M&Ms. I don't really think the insides taste much like Hershey Kisses though, and I'm ok with that.

mmmmm. tasty.


FYI: Luna nutrition bars for women contain 100% of the daily requirements of Folate, or Folic Acid. This is what I learned today:

Why do we need folate?

Folate, a water-soluble vitamin, helps the body form red blood cells and aids in the formation of genetic material within every body cell.

Functions of Folate

  • Plays a role in reducing blood homosysteine levels
  • Formation of red blood cells
  • Protein metabolism
  • Cell growth and division
Just in case anyone wanted to know that. I thought that was some useful information


danger will robinson

unmarked white vans = shady business

if you are a healthy reader of trashy horror fiction, then you are well aware of the sinister evil that is the unmarked white van. Nothing good comes from unmarked white vans. Don't believe me? Google 'unmarked white van.' I'm serious. Unmarked white vans usually mean some shady business. Not necessarily bad business.. but definitely shady and questionable. Because really, why would you need to ride around in an unmarked white van (i'm not talking soccer mom style van, i'm talking industrial, if it had a logo on the side it would be kosher white van).

today while i was driving home from work there were 5 GM unmarked white vans (complete with the little cage looking thing on the inside, separating the back from the front) on the interstate with me. not a single one of them had lisence plates. one van even had a lengthy black scrape on its left side and a loose bumper.

my curiosity was most definitely piqued.



Yesterday was a good day.

Not good in the usual weekend-i-went-to-visit-amazing-friends-or-did-exciting-things way, just good in a good way. When I got up (naturally at 7. for some reason my body has forgotten how to sleep in), no one was home so I stayed in bed for awhile and did some reading. I'm reading some Dave Eggers.. How we are Hungry.. as reccommended by Jenna. VERY good so far. After this I woke up and made a large and unhealthy breakfast of a two egg omelet (cooked in butter) with motzerella and some cinnamon toast. It was a very satisfying saturday morning breakfast. Then came shower/getting dressed/drying hair.. the usual.

Around 10 I decided I wanted to do an experiment. On friday I was thinking how cool it would be if I could figure out how to put my work on View-Master reels. I looked up places on line and the cost is pretty high so I looked up how to do it myself, which would require the purchase of expensive vintage equipment.. also quite costly. So I went to wal-mart and bought some Spongebob reels to experiment with. I tried to steam one to loosen the adhesive and take it apart. Didn't work to well. I found a place online that makes them and emailed for pricing. Otherwise, I might just mess around and make my own reel die. I also saw a 3D cameras online that sell for under $100 so I might invest in one. They can make two side by side images that when looked through a special viewer are 3D (and they use regular 3D film and don't require fancy developing) or you can have them made into slides and then chop them up for View-Master reels (or that's my plan anyway)

So that experiment failed. After that I went up the the Nelson Field House up at the University (Bloomsburg) to watch Nikki swim (it was the District meet) Nik didn't swim til 2 so I helped out with Concessions and schmoozed with all the parents I used to babysit for and parents whos kids I used to be friends with. Then when Nik swam it was AWESOME! There were 2 other girls in her heat and she came in 1st in her heat and dropped almost 3 whole seconds!! That's a LOT of time to drop in swimming! I was SO proud of her!! and you should have heard me yell! I cheered for her like crazy! it was fun.

After that I waited til she was ready and drove her home. After I got home I went to get my book and read and noticed how sunny the living room was. I went and sat in my favorite chair and the sun was just beaming in the window. I sat there with my eyes closed in the sun. It was so warm and I liked the brightness behind my eyelids. I probably sat there like that for almost an hour. It was just so nice and relaxing. I am very ready for warm weather this year. And sun! I just want to be outside in it!

That's the one thing with working a full day that I miss the most.. the sun. It's dark when i leave for work and pretty much dark when i get home. It will be so nice to see spring.

I then enjoyed a bagel and the Project Runway marathon for most of the night. I fell asleep watching TV with my cat curled up on the back of my knees. I liked that.

Granted as far as Saturdays go, it was wholly unproductive and not interesting or exciting. But it was still a good day. Now it's time to get a shower and get ready for some church-tastic fun-ness!

Happy Sunday!