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It's getting there. Slowly but surely. Still needs a LOT of work, but it's on its way!



is awesome. Quinn Collins is a friend of mine from back in high school. His musical talent is phenomenal. He has written some amazing classical/ experimental music. Check it out!

Click here to listen to his piece 'On and Off the Lam'

The New Old

I really enjoy this collection of images. [Courtesy of Veer] It puts a fresh and much more pleasant face on the elderly population, contrary to traditional stereotypes. The aged have typically been viewed as a rather unpopular and not too appealing demographic.. this isn't my view, but that of society, seriously, I learned about this stuff in gothic lit.

Anyway, I found this collection to be most delightful. Very fun. Enjoy!

Rock of the Classic Variety

I've been in a bit of a classic rock mood lately. Primarily Zeppelin.
I heart them. I blame my mother. and father. and the popularity of marijuana back in 'the day.' I wish so bad I could've seen them in concert. My dad did, back when he was about my age. {Insert jealousy here}

-Ramble On
-Battle of Evermore
-Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Schwartzy here (the writer/account exec) saw my two-disc compilation case on my desk and brought me in his boxed set for me to burn.. SWEEEET! I've also been partaking in some Rolling Stones (beggar's banquet.. mmmmhmm.. can't find my 40 Licks CDs though..boo) and I'v been favoring some Traffic, Yardbirds, Blind Faith, Neil Young and a smathering of some other fun and whatnot.. the usual.

I think I might go hiking again tonight. and play with my new Moleskine watercolor journal (I'll have to post a pic of it and my homemade travel watercolor kit out of tube paints, sculpey, and a travel soap container)

later kiddies!





1. run a 5K
2. get a new job
3. create more
4. grow and learn as a designer.. push my limits and strengthen some weaknesses
5. eat less crap
6. paint
7. travel more.. even if it's just small road trips
8. READ MORE!! I didn't read nearly enough this year
9. learn some new skills.. hopefully put some of my granules of good ideas into fruition
10. be more social.. or less anti-social
11. procrastinate less
12. write stuff down
13. pray
14. save [some] money


it’s FAIR WEEK!!

Bloomsburg at its finest.. More to post over the next few days!


smart fishy

I solved this puzzle!! I got the answer right too! And it took me about an hour. I used to do logic problems all the time. They were my favorite in elementary school. I used to be in 'Enrichment' where every Friday a few other students and myself would get to miss the last half of class and sit around and do logic puzzles and stuff like that.. I. LOVED. IT. It was my favorite part of the whole week... anyway

A little bit about said puzzle:
This brainteaser, reportedly written by Einstein is difficult and Einstein said that 98% of the people in the world could not figure it out. Which percentage are you in?

Here's the puzzle:
Click here for the answer

Name that Tune

Coudal = Cool

I found this blog. It's pretty darn neat-O. I need to add it to my list on the right there.

When asked what they're all about, the Coudal bloggers replied:
"The site is about British novelist Zadie Smith reading Frank O'Hara's poem Animals into our answering machine. It's about Steve driving from Iowa listening to nothing but Dancing Queen. It's about Abelardo Morell turning hotel rooms into pinhole cameras. It's about the Dane drinking tea and the owner of the yellow house smoking Dunhills. It's about the rules of cricket, a cartoon Sasquatch, counting to three, crashing airliners full of dummies and breaking all the commandments before breakfast. Or maybe it's about a guy named Stanley, a building by Mies, George Saunders at the library, a chalkboard in the washroom or a museum full of museums."

sounds like my kind of fun!


Times are Changing

or at least this blog is. eventually.

In the meantime:
LOVE this movie and am currently typing this with it playing in the background. It's just such a fabulous movie. The animation. SO beautiful. Just so great! Well crafted, every detail is taken note of. The music is catching and moving. Movies just aren't made like that.. it's a definite art. Akin to the original star wars.. with muppets or when Toy Story first came on the scene. Movies like this, are few and far between. Genius.
I'm very much in a fall mood. You can expect some goodies on here in the near future.. I'm thinking cookie recipes, spiced cider recipes, lists, hiking footage (providing I ever find time to hike), horror movie synopses, lots of fun.

October! Get yer behind over here pronto!!


l love technology. always. and forever.

illustrator cs2 wiped its ass with streamline. totally. live trace is every lineart illustrator's dream come true. and i was such a skeptic. haven't even tackled live paint yet. it's like when you're a kid and you learn how to use simple tools, like a can opener or the microwave.. sure, no one else could give a crap that you know how to use these things, but to you, it's like you've just unlocked the secrets of the universe.

also. i am very much loving the fact that my computer has a remote. i can change my music from anywhere in my room.



For the most part, i find people rather annoying, but every so often i'll meet people who i just think are the greatest. i love meeting real, genuine, people.. who are smart, can hold a conversation.. who are actually worth something to society. the elderly cashier at office depot is just such a person.

Every time i go to office depot i have the same cashier. he's a taller, elderly gentleman, with a bit of a paunch, less than perfect teeth, and silver hair. he's pretty much one of my favorite people ever. we always wind up in conversation, about school, work, the weather, where to see the best fall foliage.. regular things. but this man ALWAYS has the best advice. no, not advice really, just good words i suppose.

the other day i purchased an external hard drive and i was wearing a green boston hoodie. while the stock kid was retrieving my box o' technology, he started asking me if i've been to boston and we started talking about new england and the change of seasons and the weather in general. somehow we got into the discussion of working full time, and how the end of daylight savings time is the worst, and winter isn't nearly as enjoyable (but boy was sledding great when we were kids!).. he asked if i went to college and i said how i went for design and am now a designer in hazleton and he was so happy to see that i'm using my college education and it makes him so mad to see kids who graduate and 3 years later wind up flipping burgers.. and i said that my pay isn't very much, even with an education and he assured me not to worry and that i will 'earn my steps' (old people phrases are great) and that he worked in the federal government for over 45 years and it took him 30 years to get to the top. he reassured me that i will get to where i want to be. it takes time and patience and i'm young yet.

he was just so pleasant. a great guy. he talked about his wife and how great she is. it was SOOO nice to talk to someone who's happy with their life and the world. even while tending the cash register at office depot, he was pretty much the best and friendliest cashier i've ever encountered.

it was nice.


and that's all i have to say.


World Leader Fonts


- - - -

Lincoln Sans Hat

Nelson Mandela Black

Ulysses S. Gothic

Boutros Boutros Wingdings

Thatcher Old Style

favorite fall music

here's a rundown of my favorite fall music by artist (i tend to lean towards more chill music in autumn):

• Carbon Leaf
• Jack Johnson
• Guster
• Coldplay
• Travis
• Ari Hest
• Anna Nalick
• Howie Day
• Matt Nathanson

I could really go for some apple cider. and a bonfire.

what's up

it's really sunny out, i may go for a run later. i've really come to love running. i can run 3 miles. granted, they're a very slow 3 miles, but i can run them! i originally planned on hiking today, but that didn't really pan out. if i can get some freelance stuff worked on tonight, i'm going to shoot for tomorrow. i miss the woods. i love them. i haven't figured if i want to go down around jim thorpe or if i want to do rickett's glen. i'm thinking maybe ricket's glen.. not sure though. i just need to be outside in the fresh air.

it feels like fall outside! the pear trees are full of fruit, a lot of which has started to fall. it just smells so good! the air is so clean. mm. it's getting close to october. October is THE best month ever. EVER EVER EVER! i love it so much. i can't wait for the leaves to change. i'm thinking of throwing a HUGE (or medium sized) halloween party this year, halloween weekend. this year i'm going to make invitations. seriously. now that i have this fancy computer.. hehe. i LOVE MY MACBOOK!!

i just figured out how to video chat today. haven't figured out how to work it with PC users though. also can't figure out how to get Classic running. i found a hack/program and tutorial online, but i couldn't get it to work. oh well. i think it's a lost cause. guess i'll have to play in illustrator.. i will miss streamline though. it was a good program.

joe had a party last night. joe's balcony on main street's where it's at! it was SO fun! just being with friends and cool people. lot's of cheesy 80s and early 90s music. a keg of cheap beer, and some shots.. you'd think i was still in college! FYI.. ice 101 peppermint schnapps, while very tasty, is rather high in alcohol content... 100 proof. i found that out the hard way, haha. ah well. anyway. i love kristin and joe. they're two of my favorites.

i find there's a lot of things i love right now... while not perfect, i'm ok with everything. life's not bad. not the best, but not too bad.

but anyway. today's been pretty laid back. this is probably one of the most boring posts ever.

also. i need to find my digital camera and cellphone. and i cleaned my room.

woo and a hoo


well, you know how it goes

things could definitely be better, but they could definitely be worse. things are looking up, sort of. despite my laptop crashing, things aren't SO bad.. i don't think PC non-designer people understand the scariness of a computer crash in a designer's life. my computer is everything. granted most stuff is backed up, there's still the issue of software, trying to recreate the files that weren't backed up.. it's like losing your wallet and passport but in a MUCH bigger MUCH more expensive way. it's not like i can just order the $400 dell special with microsoft office and call it a day.. in the end my pockets are going to be close to $3,000 emptier *sigh*

anyway. i'm definitely not where i'd like to be in my life, and work on getting to where i want to be has been put on hold.. probably for awhile. my bills are paid and i have a new computer and software on the way and my head's still above water financially. barely, but i'm surviving. typically buying a new computer is exciting and makes me happy, and while i am looking forward to playing with my new macbook and adobe toys, it's still stressful. hopefully the folks in king of prussia can recover my hard drive tomorrow. that'd make my day! the kids at boyd's are pretty much the nicest people ever. they're overnighting my files back to me. they were SO nice about it! and my friends are absolute peaches! jenna, kim, karen, and especially erik! love you guys! i know i've been kinda crabby (crabby being an understatement) over the last few months.. thanks for putting up with me! :-P

sometimes i wish i had just gone into nursing or some other science related field. i know i wouldn't be happy though, but still. money would be nice. i just need to figure things out. argh. argh. and double argh.

the life of a designer.. while not quite as difficult as the traditional fine artist, it's still no cake walk!

***in other news*** we might be getting a marketing intern, a senior from Bloom.. this could be fun. hopefully he'll be really cool (i use the term 'cool' loosely. i really mean stellar personality). and if he's attractive, that'd make for some bonus points. i wouldn't mind some eye candy around the office.. would definitely make going to work a bit more pleasurable!

also. i will be learning to country line dance tomorrow night. this could be scary for innocent bystanders. don't know if i'm comfortable with other people witnessing this experience. could be used in the future for blackmail purposes. in other words: it's gonna be FUUUUN!! (and there's going to be pedicures and antiquing and just being with people who make me smile! yay!)