No longer in the early 20's. So far it's been a great birthday. Went to dinner with my buddy Daff last night, tonight it's a Flight of the Conchords movie night with friends, surprise bday cake at work (not just one but TWO cakes! red velvet and german chocolate. mmm), a very happy email from a client this morning who loved her stationery, spent some cash for new goods at REI, talked to my mom this morning, the cats were particularly cuddly this morning, the weather is perfect fall weather.

Overall things are going well! :-)

Happy Day of my Birth to me!


Pay it Forward



I've started a new creative blog on Tumblr. It's really fun so far. Very easy to post just random stuff. I plan on posting some of my artwork, stuff I find on line and stuff reposted from other blogs. Read: Eye Candy Explosion.


My Heart is Full of Happy

A couple days late in coming, but no matter. It's October, and despite the overwhelming work load at work and home and a crazy-busy life, I'm happy. The weather has been in the 40s in the mornings and I've started running again. I created my own Zen alarm clock, which sounds a soothing chime/gong every so many minutes until it is every couple seconds. It gradually brings you out of sleep as opposed to the jarring, half-heart-attack-like buzzer of my regular alarm. Here is a blog post telling how to set that up. I set my iPod up to some $8 speakers and it works like a charm. I've been getting up every morning at 6:30am for running, pilates or yoga. I'm especially loving running in the mornings. Fall is here and my heart is so full of cool weather and the idea of pumpkins and cider, I can hardly contain it.

At any rate. I hope you all are enjoying the fall and getting some nice weather. I'll be on an 18 mile hike tomorrow, taking it all in and suggest you get your tush in the woods and get your fall on.

Make up My Mind

So I've moved my personal blog back here and am in the process of working up a creative blog on tumblr. And am also in the process of redesigning my website. I'm going to start focusing more on illustration because it's my first love and just more fun then regular design (and incorporating the two would be stellar). This means my site is going to be more *cute,* even though I despise the word "cute," and definitely more fun. I might maybe make a more clean/corporate page for those looking for that kind of design, but honestly, with working full time, the only design stuff i truly want to work on on the side is illustration work.

Anywho. As I tend to say far too often, I will be making changes.