had lamb for the first time today. i have to say, it was pretty tasty.

i want to plan some mini trips to MA, weekend trips, drive up on a friday night, leave on a sunday night. i'd like to just spend more time with family up there. my grandparents think it's a great idea.

not really anything interesting to say so i'm off to bed. and that's all.


hugs and grandparents

mimi and johnny (my grandparents) are visiting this weekend. i love them soooooo much! all my best hugs are reserved for them. and i can always count on a bright red lipstick kiss on my cheek from mimi, and dry, sarcastic, intelligent conversation with johnny. they really are my favorites. really and truly. tomorrow johnny will probably take shelbs, morgan, nik and i out somewhere, either shopping or for lunch or something. maybe we'll get a game of monopoly in or (which would be most fun) a good game of rummy in with mimi. saturday is morgan's pinning ceremony for nursing, which will be nice. overall, i'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with the people i love the most.. MY FAMILY!!

this weekend is the absolute best ending to my week. couldn't think of anything better. not even a million dollars.. well, maybe a million dollars, as long as my grandparents are there too! :-)


erotic coloring books. any thoughts?

(the idea had morgan and i laughing for a good hour at least)


yeah, sometimes life's like that

not experienced enough. and there was another woman.. never a good thing. possible freelance in the future, which isn't a bad thing, and i got a raise here at work. still sucks though. i just want to go home, have a good cry, and be done with it.

what a bummer.

Beary Good

Here are my sample coloring book illustrations that I sent to Boyd's. I'm not sold on the line quality of the maze, I need to rework that. Anyway, if you click on the image, you can download the page. Maybe I should have a coloring contest or something..


obvious {but very good} advice

You just have to do what you love and love what you do. And that's all there is to it.


ponder of the day

why isn't 'casinos' spelled 'casinoes' like in 'tomatoes' and 'potatoes'?


Brighton B. Yellow

Boyd's Bears took the bait! Now I just have to prove my worth and wow them with my illustration finesse. I'm wicked excited! You see the little illustration of the coloring book cover next to the bear? Yeah, if I get this, I'll be designing and illustrating 6 new coloring books (and you can bet your ass my illustrations will be a heck of a lot better than that!). And if I push myself and do a super job and they love it.. I should be looking at $15,000.. at least that's the quote I gave and they didn't argue. They asked me to send a sample of some illustrations for them to look over (which I'll do over the weekend) and if they like what they see they want me to do 6 coloring and activity books, 12 pages each, front and back, so that's 144 illustrations.. due June 2, well, first draft due June 2. It'll be a TON of work, and I'll probably lose some sleep and go without seeing sunlight for awhile, but i'll be totally worth it! I could pay off a student loan with that! or at least a nice chunk of one! (and possibly a new iMac? and new software? hmm?) But I'm jumping ahead. I have to wow them first, get the final OK, do the work.. THEN daydream.. but still.. it's nice to think about!

Now if only I'd hear back from HGTV... that would definitely make my week. as long as it's good news anyway..

Also. There's a new product by Kellog's called 'Yogos.' The strawberry ones are good. They're like strawberry yogurt coated strawberry fruit snack things. Pretty tasty and strawberry-ee.



Some days i just wish i could turn my brain off. Just stop thinking all together.
I'm just too stressed out right now and need to relax. I'm too impatient, too antsy, and there are just too many people riding my back. meh. waiting for answers on a couple different opportunities, specifically boyd's and hgtv.. and the waiting is driving me crazy. it wouldn't be so bad except that EVERYONE keeps asking me about them. when i find out, everyone will know, so in the meantime.. stop asking!!!!

(sorry, i'm not as edgy as this sounds.. well maybe a little. but it will pass)

is it friday??



coffee coolattas remind me of summer. tonight was a very summer-type evening.

i like it.

the end.
do you ever just get a feeling of impending doom? yeah, i've got something like that.

i think it's cause i want this REALLY REALLY bad. and i'm afraid i didn't make that clear enough. i just need to keep my fingers crossed. whatever happens happens and it all happens for a reason...

Annointing of the Dick

This ran in a local paper in Hazleton...

Definitely gave us all a good laugh.


what what?? boyd's bears?

sooooooo.. i might be doing some illustrations for boyd's bears! they have a line of bears with coloring books and this fall they are coming out with a line of bears with coloring/activity books and they are very interested in having me illustrate them. i guess crayola reccommended me to them. sa-weeet.

go networking skills!!



It's snowing! My dad called this morning and said the interstate was really bad and to wait a little before going in to work. So I waited about 45 minutes and was about to go when my boss called and said the interstate was really bad and to wait 1-2 hours to come in.. YEAH!!! 2 hour delay for me! niiiiice.


done got my hairs did

I got my hair cut today!! I was only going to get an inch or two taken off plus highlights. I really didn't realize how long my hair had gotten. She showed me where two inches would be and it was still over halfway down my back so I said she could go another inch. Then she suggested donating to Locks of Love which I was pretty hesitant about.. I love my long hair and the idea of short hair makes me cringe. But I said to go ahead and measure the 10" (that's all that's required for a donation) and it still came down past my shoulders so I said go for it. and I LOVE IT!!! My hair is soooo nice! I just can't stop running my hands through it! and it's got some really nice blonde highlights. mmmm.. i enjoy it! hehe.

looks like i've got a smidge bit of girl in me after all..

And it really makes me happy knowing my hair is going to go to someone who can use it rather than being swept up off the floor and into the garbage. yay.


so impatient

i wish today were next monday. seriously.