Michael Osborne

Is awesome. And the Nashville chapter of AIGA is equally as awesome.

Michael Osborne came to Nashville to give a presentation, showcasing his design work. It was amazing! (Aside from an obvious obsession with hearts) his work was fantastic. The logos he's done are great, simple, they've got staying power, convey a message. They're not overly done, yet not too simple. Some of his work include the Archer Farms brand (found in Target stores), the re-branding of the Gymboree line (which was really really superb), LOVE stamps, wine identities, and SO much more!

He's done gobs of volunteer work which was both refreshing and motivating. It's great to see design talents being used for the greater good. Being blessed with such skills as we designers possess, it's a shame to not put them to some use. Designers are generally pinpointed in the art industry as being 'sell-outs' as 'giving in to The Man.' So it's nice to stick it back and say 'see?? we can use our powers for both evil AND good!'

After the show I was able to chill with the Nashville AIGA folks AND Michael Osborne himself! Got to ask him some questions. It was so great being able to speak with such an accomplished and successful designer. Really very motivating.

Great show, great people, great time. I love it!


What the Fitz??

I REALLY like this clock, but for almost $200? You've got to be kidding me. I think I'll try and make my own version, but personally, I'm more of a Garamond fan as opposed to Bodoni. It's just more pleasing I think. I feel Bodoni's sharp contrasts in thicks in thins make it seem kind of harsh, sharp almost. Garamond's friendlier. There's a green version of the Bodoni clock which I like even better and it's a smidge less expensive, but still, I could SO make that... maybe.

I do enjoy this clock too... and.. is that Helvetica? I'm really starting to grow fond of that font. I know it was seriously knocked all throughout school, put down, made fun of. But I'd say this old dog's about to have a mid-life crisis.. maybe start dancing around the house in Hawaiian shorts singing out loud to Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca.." Oh wait. That's my dad. Either way, I really think it's going to resurface as the new 'it' font. We'll see. I could be {probably am} wrong, but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Anywho, check out Fitzu. They've got really nifty (albeit semi-expensive) stuff and assorted thingamajigs. And not just clocks! Check out their line of toy cars designed by designers. Famous ones.


Every design nerd’s latest fixation (or should be)

Helvetica is a feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. It looks at the proliferation of one typeface (which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year) as part of a larger conversation about the way type affects our lives. Helvetica will begin screening at film festivals worldwide starting in March, followed by cinema screenings across the US and Europe, and the DVD release.

Helvetica's got quite the following! Its own movie, businesses named after it, and even a myspace!

I wish I could be as cool as Helvetica!

Best Friday EVER!!

So you know you have a kick-ass job when at the end of the week you're hanging out with your coworkers, drinking beers at the office, and watching your bosses play Guitar Hero.

Yup. I love my job!


Je suis heureuse!!

I AM SO HAPPY! I LOVE it here:

• the people are fantastic! fun, laid back, easy to get along with and SO friendly!
• i LOVE my job! the work is good, the clients are great! the atmosphere is perfect!
• my neighbors are great and have an awesome dog
• the area i'm in is wonderful.. little shops, cafés, a yoga studio, right down the street
• Nashville itself is just plain awesome
• getting involved in volunteer work and AIGA
• my apartment's really cool and i FINALLY have my own space!
• barnes and nobe and borders are only 10 minutes away
• and i'm sure there's more.. my brain's just too full at the moment..

reasons why i don't like it here:
• oh wait.. there aren't any! :-D

happy happy happy!


First Day

**Be forwarned, 'great' is overabundantly used within this post**

So today was the big day! It was great!! I seriously love my new job. I haven't officially started designing yet (that's tomorrow). Today I just looked around the system, get a feel for how things work, organize email, etc. Everyone at Emma is SOOOO friendly!! They joke around, chat, take long lunches, the whole office is laid back. I like how things go.. work is most important, but as long as the work is getting done and done on time, there's no reason not to take breaks here and there, goof around here and there. The scene is so great. I feel at ease with everyone. It's great!! SO much better than Precision.

Nashville was such a wonderful decision for me (from what I can tell so far). My job feels like it's going to be great, the people are fantastic! I got coffee tonight at a place up the street, and the barista was so nice! Very attractive, gave me a double mocha even though I only asked for a single. That was pretty cool. My apartment is wonderful! It's pretty much all clean, I've got my couch, new appliances, new bed.. all I need are a few more pieces and to have the rest of my stuff delivered. I also NEED to paint, maybe I'll go look at colors and prices this weekend.. very exciting! :-)

I really couldn't be happier right now. And that feels so. so. so. good.

P.S. did i mention it was great :-) hehe


I did it!

Well, I'm here. Not settled yet, but I'm here.

I've been cleaning like crazy! It took me forever to clean the fridge! It was seriously gross. I also hands-and-kneed the living room floor. Just washing with a mop isn't going to cut it.. not on the first wash. I also scrubbed down my shower, so that's good and clean. This morning I got up, showered, scrubbed my bedroom floor and washed the rest of the bathroom. Now I'm enjoying some chocolate milk and a bagel while I wait for my NEW COUCH!! And my new bed will be here this afternoon!

I'm really excited!

Sorry I haven't returned calls and IMs. Things are crazy busy right now, but once they settle down, rest assured, I'll be catching up with everyone!


Boy Howdy

Hey Kids!! So I'm a little behind on the Nashville posting. Sorry. Things have been über crazy! Before I delve into details, here's a fiew photos to satiate your hunger...

You know you're a cool city when...

So much character. I love the murals. And all the brick. LOVELY!

and no new home would be complete without my own personal drunken-man receptacle. You should have seen the city once the game let out! Shoe-boy was it crazy!

So yeah, Nashville's great! I really like it. a lot. And the people at Emma are SO wonderful! I'm VERY excited to move down there. Now I just need to get everything figured out. I've been going crazy looking for a place, arranging a mover, getting all my ducks in a row or eggs in a basket or whathaveyou. My stress limit's at it's max, but it's good stress. It's stress I've been wanting. *sigh* I can't wait til February or March, let my brain get back to normal and get myself all settled!

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!!

HAPPY 2007!