New Toys!!

I LOVE MY WACOM TABLET!!!! I can doodle with an undo button AND no eraser shavings!

ALSO. Go see Night at the Museum. It's seriously every 6 year old's dream come true. It's a good one.


KUCD @ the APD

Just got back from a mini Kutztown CD (and other) grad reunion at the APD (airport diner to those not in the know). *sigh* It was SO good to see everybody! Many of the attendees I've not seen since graduation. It was so good to catch up with people, swap stories, talks of new jobs, new adventures, work frustrations, met a few new faces. It was nice to be able to exchange stories and not have to go back and explain things.. like.. 'and you see, there's 4 color process and Pantones.. now a Pantone ink..' we talked about Wacom tablets, the new Macs, who's married, who's not, who's moved where.. it was a good time. Plenty of good coffee, french toast, and the hugs. OH THE HUGS!!

Of all the things I've missed at Kutztown, I'd say the hugs are what I've missed the most.

I've got Nashville ahead and good friends and memories to carry along with me.

life. is. GOOD.


A Tennesseean Adventure!

Lost airplane, food poisoning, awesome people, an even awesome-er company, big interview, country music, museums, atmosphere, 70 degree weather (and sunny!!), drunken football fans, and jerome bettis.. i. am. beat.

pictures, stories, and whatnot tomorrow. way too tired to tackle that tonight.


the BIG weekend!

I've got 15 minutes before I leave for Wilkes-Barre. Once there I'll be flying to Pittsburgh, then off to Nashville! I'm WAY excited! Flying always makes me a little nervous, but not for the usual reasons.. I just hate all the rigamarole, the lugging around bags, taking off shoes and all your metal bits, getting from A to B. I always feel rushed, and it just seems like so. much. hassle. I'm always nervous I'll be in the wrong place, or my luggage will somehow offend the airport people, or I'll miss my flight, or leave my bag somewhere. I wish I had the time to drive it. All that requires is throwing my crap in the trunk, plugging in the ipod, and filling the tank. I need some coffee, then it's off on an adventure!!

I can't wait for Monday!! Wish me luck!!



The ThermaCare brand neckpads and lowerback pads are more wonderful than I can describe. They're so nice and warm.. they're essentially self-heating feminine napkins/diapers that attach to your back, but damn if they don't put me in the warmest, most toastiest bliss I've ever felt. Aaaaah. This is sooooo nice. And tension just eeeeeeeeeases away. mmmm. This may not be heaven, but sure does feel awfully sweet.


Looks like someone’s on the naughty list this year...

uuuuh... Mrs. Clause? ::sorry:: didn’t mean to interrupt..
Ran into this scene when i rounded a corner at an art gallery in Lewisburg a few weekends ago. Totally freaked the bejesus out of me.
In other words: Bonjovial Christmas to all!
(I'm not sending xmas cards, so this is it folks) I've got too much going to to fill out cards. I'm over it. You're over it. Have a cookie...
or design one for youself.. hint: click on the cookies

Ten Shades of Excited

Saturday to Monday... and if all goes right, for a lot longer than that!


Essence of Sherpa

I love tea. LOVE it. I love pretty much any warm beverage really, but tea.. that stuff's just great. I like it plain.. good and scalding with a heaping teaspoon of sugar or one Splenda packet.. no other artificial sweeteners will cut it.
At the store last week I thought I'd be a bit more bold in my tea selection (I generally stick to a member of the Grey famiy.. either the Earl or the Lady) and anyway, I sprung for the Tazo variety pack. Lemme just say, they've got some pretty adventurous teas! I found the Tazo Chai: Organic Spiced Black Tea to be most intriguing. The description was the killer:
A rich blend of teas and spices in the style of the hill dwellers of the Himalayas.
Himalayan hill-dwellers!? Who are the people that work for Tazo and how do I become one? I mean really, do they actually travel to the Himalayas and study these dwellers of the hill? That could be pretty sweet.. like two Splenda packet sweet. Seriously.

Speaking of seriously. I was at SuperWalMart tonight buying some pasta salad fixings for my mom when I came across 'Seriously Sharp Cheddar.' Seriously sharp.. HOW sharp would that be exactly? Could it cut a Triscuit in half? eh? Can it? Don't know if I'm ballsy enough to try that out. Maybe another day.

In other news: I bought a new deskchair for home. It's leather. And has wheels. And lumbar support. I'm particularly enjoying the lumbar support... and the wheels.. having wood floors in my bedroom make wheely-chairs double fun.

Are you kids ready for Christmas?

I know I'm not. This holiday season definitely snuck up on me. I've still got some shopping to do, but I'm just not feeling the good old Christmas Spirit. We're getting the tree this weekend and I officially decked out my desktop, so maybe that'll help. (I strongly suggest pixelgirl and iconfactory for all the necessities to properly pimp-out your desktop. Oh I'm such a computer dork it's almost pathetic.. but I love it. I do.

K kiddies, I've got some Dave Eggers to enjoy, and right now he's more important than you.. or at least his wonderful works of fiction are.

Take care!