sorry i haven't been keeping up with this. i've had lots of good stuff, just no motivation. things at work are crazy busy and i just don't feel like posting. i will leave you with a pic of my christmas tree which i put up a couple weekends ago. i also have pictures of the kittens helping, but will post them another time.

I illustrated a really fun Christmas campaign involving cheesy sweaters and fruit cake. I may post it eventually. The client liked it so much they might use me for some side work in 08. Cha-ching! Got some invitations lined up too. And I might be working on the Nashville Roller Derby logo, which could score me "season tickets." Haha. Didn't think the Roller Derby even had such a thing.

I'm driving home next week and am EXTREMELY excited. I miss my family.

We're getting an extra paycheck at work AND $250 to donate to any charity we want. Each employee gets $250 to allocate wherever they please. I'm giving mine to a food cupboard back home. I think they could use it. I've been getting really involved in church. I was a torch-bearer last Sunday. I really like my church. Feels homey. I like that. And the spiritual boost is always a plus.

That's about it. I still have tons of shopping to do, Christmas parties and whatnot. I think this is the most excited for Christmas I've ever been.

p.s. happy late birthday to kevin, if you read this. i really should call.


Just Another Monday

Today's been quite an interesting day. So far today I've...

- Volunteered for 2 hours at St. Luke's toy store, helping less fortunate folks pick out toys for their kids
- Designed stationery for the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence (www.porkgateway.org)
- Designed stationery for a tattoo parlor
- And designed stationery for a place that sells lingerie to small-chested women.

I love my job.


Wonder Years and Mac(crap)Book

Saw the guy that plays Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years at Fido this morning. That's right, you know you're jealous. I was excited, not enough to talk to him or ask for an autograph, I'm classier than that. But it was pretty exciting. That show's a classic. Also, yesterday some people from work saw Bobby Flay, also at Fido. The Food Network was shooting some special about Las Paletas (the most delicious gourmet popsicles ever) that are made in Nashville. Fido's quite the place to be I guess!

In other news, Macbooks are shit. At least their hard drives are. After having mine only 1.25 years, the hard drive crapped out. Completely kicked the bucket. I was furious. Abolutely livid. I kept my cool though, I'm good at that. Luckily the nice folks at the Apple store filled me in on what to buy and how to install a hard drive myself. That way I'm only spending a little over $100 as opposed to $300 for Apple to do it, and probably put in a shitty hard drive again anyway. Meh. Technology bites.

Come on Thanksgiving! Everyone be safe and gorge yourself on turkey and stuffing!


Warm Wishes and Seasons Greetings

It's time to break out the hot chocolate and candy canes! Emma's offering some new seasonal goodies this year to go along with their custom holiday stationery options from last year.
Basically, we'll get to design full custom campaigns and postcard-style emails for clients, geared toward the holidays. They run about $300 a pop but they're designed high-res so the client can then go and make postcards, which is pretty snazzy. Plus the clients will get a design consultation.
Check out emma's seasonal page to see some samples. I designed the first 4 on the left-hand scroll section. I'm pretty excited about it! It's going to be A LOT of fun!


Illustration is fun.

I'm working on an illustration for a house party invitation for a guy here at work (by 'a guy' I mean Kendrick). It's supposed to be in a similar style as David Berkeley's website. I guess he's a singer/songwriter friend of my co-worker and is going to be performing. I don't have the exact style down, but I think it's got a similar feel. Anyway, I'm definitely enjoying it. Makes me want to go home, put on some comfy clothes, make some coffee and/or hot chocolate, curl up with my Wacom tablet and a movie.

Who needs excitement. Really.



I love weekends. This weekend was the first in over 5 weeks where I've actually been in Nashville. Pretty low key and mostly relaxing. Friday night I went to the Frist with Jessica to hear two artists' presentations. One works in metals and one in felt. It was pretty interesting.
Saturday was a good, long and productive day. I got up early to do a crazy ton of laundry, then went off to the library to get a book on hold and some cookbooks. After that I spent the rest of the day cleaning. I put away all my summer clothes, organized drawers, put away laundry, vaccumed and washed the floors, dusted, wiped down all surfaces, cleaned the bathroom and even bleached the tub. I don't think my apartment's been this clean since I cleaned it upon moving in. Saturday night Hilary and I went to see Dan in Real Life (highly reccommend it) and then the kitten peed on my comforter and I spent the rest of the night at the laundromat.
Sunday was church. Irene, my 85 year old buddy, roped me into being a greeter which was nice. There was a mini luncheon afterward which was fun, got to mingle with some church folk. I then went out and bought a new comforter, got the makings of a beef stew together in the crockpot, took a long nap and watched TV and then went to check out the new Whole Foods. Awesome. Really nice place. and then wandered around Anthropologie and the Merrel store. Drooled the whole time. Came home, read for a bit, went to the gym, cleaned up and went to bed.

A very full and relaxing weekend indeed.


Barnabus & Magda

Andy likes Coffee

So apparantly Andy from "The Office" was just down the street at Fido fixing himself a caffeinated beverage. A few of my coworkers saw him, but alas, I was stuck at my desk. Still pretty neat that an Office character was just at Fido. I'd take that over a country singer anyday.


Doodle Collages

This is what I've been doing lately when I get bored on airplanes.. or get bored anywhere really. Enjoy!


October's lost its Luster

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually looking forward to November.

P.S. Avoca's really done a nice job refurbishing the airport. They've even got free Wi-Fi. Go Scranton!


All's Good in the B-burg Hood

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and well-wishes! My dad's home, getting in plenty of relaxation and boring TV shows. I've been spending today hanging out couch-side with the ol' man, watching Rachael Ray and talk shows. I feel like I'm home sick from high school. Tonight Morgan and I are going out for some coffee. I REALLY wanted to go see 30 Days of Night, but sadly, Bloomsburg's lameness is ever prevalent and it's not showing in the area. Boo. Tomorrow my parents are taking me to the airport and tomorrow night I'm headed to the Roller Derby! And probably out Sunday night for my Bday. I'm definitley headed to church Sunday morning and might head in to work for a little bit Sunday to catch up on some revisions before Monday. We'll see. It will be nice to get back to Nashville. It was SO wonderful seeing my family, and my dad's doing great, but I do miss my apartment and my bed.

Emma sent my dad a HUGE box of fruit and cheese from Harry and David. I really do work for a phenomenal company. Emma gave me a whole week off to be with my family and sent my dad a beautiful get well gift. We really are blessed.


Be careful what you wish for...

The last few weeks I've been complaining about being homesick. Unfortunately, I made a surprise trip home this week for less than happy news. For those who don't know, my dad had a massive heart attack yesterday. I left work right away and flew home to be with the family. The whole story is a bit crazy. He's doing really well now, but I'll explain the story a bit.. God was really with our family yesterday.

So anyway, Sunday there was a craft show in Benton and my mom was selling some stuff and my aunt and uncle had come down from Massachusetts for the day. My dad had gone to the show and was walking up a hill and started feeling this weird pain/discomfort. Almost like gas, like he had to burp but couldn't. When he got to the car it went away, but he wan't really feeling right. Not sick, but just not right. He had trouble sleeping and had been really tired for the last few days.

Yesterday he went in to work same as usual. One of the guys from the other end of the plant needed his glasses repair kit so my dad walked all the way to the other end of the plant. He started feeling the weird gas pain discomfort but this time it was worse than Sunday and he had to stop and rest. Then he walked all the way back to his office and was feeling really bad. He tried taking some baking soda and tums but it wouldn't go away.

At that SAME MOMENT my mom had called. She had left her purse in my dad's van (which is crazy cause her purse is like another appendage. She never leaves it anywhere!). My dad used that as his excuse to leave (he NEVER leaves work, and probably would have waited if it hadn't been for the purse). Anyway, he and my mom waited for my sister to get home cause she was out shopping then went to the ER. At first they thought maybe it was a stomach thing, having to do with ibuprofen. Then they took some xrays or something and the DR's eyes got HUGE. She said "Mr. Schena, you're having a heart attack."

It turns out his main artery was 100% blocked. They miraculously were able to put in a stint and clear the blockage. As they were putting in the stint his heart had just started to shut down. He shouldn't be alive. The Dr. said usually when they see this kind of blockage the patient has either collapsed and died or dies on the table. He's actually doing really well. Joking around with the nurses. He's a total goofball as usual. While he was on the table he was still with it, they had him on local anesthetics, so he goes to the doctor, while only inches from death "geez, maybe i shouldn't have had that third hot dog last night." He also started spouting off lines from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in the elevator post-surgery, demanding his cigarettes from Nurse Ratchet. And burping when they go to check his breathing. So basically, my dad's back to his old self. He's got great color in his cheeks and is in good spirits. He's been moved from the CICU and is now on a regular floor and we're hoping to have him home Friday.

So anyway. All is going well at the moment. We should be hearing about test results and whatnot tomorrow. I'll be home for the rest of the week (which I feel totally guilty about, with missing so much work for conferences and vacations this month as it is). But I have to say, it's SO good to be home. Be with my sisters, my mom and dad, Auntie Laurie, Auntie Sandy and Mimi. All I have to say is super thank you to God. He's really been watching out for the Schena clan this week.



And another quick note.. AIGA is awesome. Seriously. I just went around and perused some student work (there's a portfolio review going on). These students here are having their portfolios reviewed by Debbie Millman and Michael Beirut not to mention many other prestigious design firms around the country. If you are reading this and are a design student, seriously, get involved in AIGA. Skip out on a few drinking nights and try and save up to go to one of these conferences or see if you can get in on one as a graduation/christmas/bday gift. AIGA is the one place where ALL designers are on the same playing field. You can meet the big wigs and top names, talk shop and ask questions over drinks. It's a great opportunity.

Plus, free T-shirts and paper samples galore!

AIGA NEXT in Denver!

Hey kids. So I got in to Denver last night. Headed over to the conference and got a ton of free crap, free food and drinks. Good times. I ran into Nate Voss from B A Design Group (he spoke at ThinkTank Nashville). He's a cool dude. There was an after party at the Hyatt Grand (not to be confused with the regular Hyatt). I met a random group of designers from CA that drove to Denver in an RV (very cool). Met up with Nate again and met some kick-ass design students from Chicago. There was a dance-off (which is pretty funny when in a group of total design nerds). I've met a whole mess of people, most of who's names I've immediately forgotten, but I rememer the faces. The speakers today were pretty good. Got to listen to the guy in charge of Starbuck's Design Department. Very informative. Also got to listen to Michael Beirut and Armin Vit (among others) speak about the future of Design Writing. Also quite informative. Marian Bantjes spoke. And if any of you KU kids remember a fella by the name of Ryan Smoker, he was involved in this little reality show/Design-Off called Command-X that was way cool. They had to re-design the packaging for Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick. Anyway I talked to him for 5 minutes and exchanged cards. GO KU!

The theme of the NEXT conference is, of course, what is "next" in the world of design which also makes me think of what's next in my career. Will I take on new freelance? Do some volunteer design? Learn some new skills? Come up with new ideas to move forward at Emma? Speaking of which, Emma's a freaking awesome company. I know you're all sick of me saying it, but it is. And just about everyone I've talked to hear has heard of us, used our service, or know someone who has. Makes me happy!

Sorry this post is disjointed and random. Despite the great time I'm having, I've also got a nasty cold. Not fun my friends.

I hope to take and post more pictures soon! Be safe, Be happy, Be healthy, Be nerdy!


Regional Verbage

Everyone is familiar with pop vs. soda, dinner vs. supper, sprinkles vs. jimmies, hoagies vs. subs etc.

I learned a new one over the weekend. On your car, when you turn your lights on high, I call it your "high beams" as does my family and friends back north. I was in a rental car in MN driving down a woodsy road and had to use my high beams and remarked how it's been awhile since I've had to use them (Nashville's a pretty well lit place). My friend Jessica didn't know what i was talking about. She insisted they were "brights." She had never heard the term "high beams" before.

I found that kind of interesting.


More pictures of my potential new fuzzy friends! I'm pretty certain I'll be taking two of them. I just can't resist. I haven't actually gone to meet them yet, probably monday or tuesday. Aren't they just the cutest!?

Names so far:

Male: Spike, Ambrosio, Barnabus, Quentin
Female: Endora, Magda
Either: Sprinkles, Jimmies

Give me more suggestions! The names above are characters from Buffy, The Monk (the book written in the 1700s, not the TV show), Bewitched, and Dark Shadows... are you getting the theme here?


Four-Legged Roomate **Coming Soon**

I was SO close to getting a black lab puppy today. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend found a box of black lab puppies on the side of the road over the weekend and was giving them away. I called but sadly they had all been placed. I really can't afford a puppy this month, and really shouldn't be looking to get a puppy at all but rather a full grown dog. But puppies. Sigh. Who doesn't love puppies. I want one, but now just isn't the time I suppose.

BUT in other four-legged mammal-friend news, I've been talked into getting a kitten! (Or possibly two, not sure yet). Matt, a fellow emmanite, has kittens.. or rather his non-pet-caring neighbor's cat had kittens behind his porch. There's an all black one, two gray ones and a striped fella. I'm pretty much definitely going to go for the black one, but am tempted to check out a gray one too. I know I definitely still want to get a dog after Christmas, so I'm leaning toward taking just one. Two cats and a dog is a bit much for one apartment. I'll be getting pics soon. The kitties are still nursing yet and have no shots, so it'll be awhile before I can get one, but how exciting! I'm all for fuzzy friends!

Throw me some name suggestions!


The Beer Gods have blessed me...

Yuengling's in Nashville! Supposedly it's been spotted at the Brewhouse and rumored to be found at other bars. I hear it should be in stores within a few weeks.

You know I'm a happy girl about this!



I hate money. The lack of it. And my inability to manage and save it. And credit cards. And debt.

I feel like I can never get ahead. Despite the bonuses and whatnot. That is my big goal for age 25-26. Learn to manage my money and spend less. Spend better. SAVE. Even a little.

*sigh* really gets me down.


Old Timer's Festival

And here we have it. A post well-past due. Here you'll meet Roy and Banjo Guy, two folk song pros hangin out at the Old Timer's Mountain Fok Music Festival (not sure that that's the exact name for the event, but something similar nonetheless). Last weekend Jenna flew out to Nashville and we drove out to Knoxville to visit our fellow KU CD friend, Heather, who is a FABULOUS host by-the-by. We had a jam-packed three days of folk music, Smoky Mountains, tub basses and TomatoHead. I really can't think of a better way to start October. The weather was perfect, the conversation intelligent and plentiful, amazing friends and good memories.

We started Friday driving out to Knoxville which is a great drive. A perfectly clear day, perfect driving weather. We met up with Heather then headed out to the Old Timer's Festival. We met a number of elderly folks well-versed in the art of many a folk instrument be it fiddle, banjo, dulcimer, guitar, tub-bass etc. Overall a pretty low-key day. Drove around Cade's Cove, Meandered about Knoxville, enjoyed some delicious TomatoHead, hugs from Marley (Heather's dog).

Saturday morning started with a hike up to Abram's Falls, a nice 5 miles round-trip. Dipped my feet in the frigid falls water, basked in the sun. A friendly artist woman shared her apple chips. Baby fishes swimming about. A pleasant time indeed. After some time in the Smokies we stopped by the Mill, then a County Fair, went back to the Old Timer's Festival (had some awesome homemade ice cream). Then we stopped at a Craft Fair, the Dulcimer shop and then stopped for Fried Apple Pies (which are AMAZING and artery-clogging I'm sure). We were pretty beat from such a packed day so we stopped off for some Chinese (Bean Curd & Broccoli = DELICIOUS!) and watched Sleepy Hollow.

Sunday Jenna and I went to the UU church, which held a rather nice sermon indeed. Then I got to meet a couple of her friends (who bought us MORE TomatoHead! They are SUCH nice people. Really and truly). I must say, TomatoHead makes a mean baked tofu quesadilla. I don't know what it is with Knoxville, but damn do they know how to cook up some tasty tofu! After that we hung out with Heather, Michael and Marley and caught up on some 30Rock. Jenna and I headed back to Nashville, enjoyed some Mellow Mushroom and rented Waiting for Guffman.

Overall a fabulous visit. October's starting out on a great foot! Be on the lookout for more posts! I'm in Minnesota right now and will have a post up soon.. Minnesota's a pretty sweet place. Next week I'm off to Denver then I'll be in Nashville through my birthday then it's off to Idaho!! I'm a travellin fool! And that ain't no complaint!

A few more pictures for your visual enjoyment!


Chock Full o' October

Well kiddo's, Fall is up and running and we're in the best month of the 12.. October! My favorite time of the year. I do wish the weather were a bit more brisk, but my schedule's packed full of travel, friends and conferences to make up for it. And lot of hiking in between! I'm headed out to Minnesota for an AIGA Design campout/conference which I'm totally excited for (not to mention the chilly 50 degrees-ish weather, rain and dreary-ness! YEAH!). I should be getting a heaping helping of fall this weekend, with some designy goodness on the side.

Also, I'm hoping to post this weekend about my trip last weekend to the Smoky's. Be prepared for old dudes, stringed instruments, waterfalls and Tomatohead. Good Times were had and Good Times ahead! Tally-Ho!



*sigh* It's that time of year again. Fair Week. And I'm down here in Nashville, no Fair for me. I don't know if it's the unGodly 90+ degree weather or just not seeing my family for months, or missing the times when I had a whole week off for Fair, but I'm definitely feeling down. I think a bit on the homesick side.

Come on Fall. Seriously.


Weekend of Phenomenal-ness

Our Think Tank event went down on Saturday and it was AWESOME!!!!
I got to schmooze and be inspired by:

Shaun Inman - Development and Web Design
Be A Design Group - Design Podcasters and kick-ass designers in general
Von Glitschka - Illustrative Designer
Marian Bantjes - Type Designer
Debbie Millman - Brand Manager (on the cover of HOW, redesigned BK logo, etc.)

AMAZING event. I scored a limited edition poster from Be A Design Group which was screen-printed and incorporated letterpress and metallic ink.. very nice. The whole event was so inspiring and all of the speakers (wives of speakers too) were just so wonderful, easy to talk to and FUN! Once AIGA photos are posted, I'll be adding more!

Friday was great too. Took the speakers to Monell's, a popular Nashville Meat n' Three. Great food, good time.

And yesterday was the icing on the cake. Beautiful weather and 10 miles of hiking.

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! More picture and details to come, but I just had to get a post in now.



I woke up to a 58º morning!!! Less than 60 degrees!! You cannot even fathom how excited I am! The high to day is only 80/81 and it's breezy and not humid.. I'm in love with this. This is what extra recesses were made for. I walked to work and you can bet your ass I'll be making a trip out to Radnor Lake after work.

Ten shades of ecstatic. That would be me.


Rainy Days and Tuesdays

It's a nice, dark, gloomy, rainy day. The design room is quiet and dark. I have free coffee. A rather large free coffee. And so far, for a Tuesday, work's not that hectic.

Good deal.


GOOD Magazine, GOOD design, GOOD products!

I LOVE this magazine. I've only seen it at Barnes & Noble twice, but it's awesome. EVERYTHING in the magazine is either an article about someone or something doing good or about how to make your life, other's lives, the earth, everything.. better. This month's issue has a great section on Design and designing things better and how to improve on design in our lives.

The design itself is fantastic. The layout is great, the stock it's printed on is wonderful! It's a matte finish, and it's got a good weight to it. Not too flimsy or too thick. Not too much advertising, and all the ads are for good things (like KEEN shoes). Not to mention the smell of the ink is just lovely.

Overall though, the BEST part about it is that 100% of your subscription money goes to the organization of your choosing.. which means... if you're my friend, you'll be getting a subscription for Christmas!

In other really-awesome-design-worthy news, Chef'n Good, one of emma's clients whose e-mail stationery I worked up, asked if I'd like a care package (which the obvious answer is YES!). It came in Friday and was on my chair.. I was SO surprised to find what was inside. A ton of awesome kitchen goodies! I kept the vegetable steamer (that big round thingy with the looped handles) and Jenn kept the avacado thingy but the rest I donated to our new emma building.

The Chef'n Good design though, is amazing! I love the color scheme and it's incorporated throughout (right down to the bright purple bubble wrap to go with the purple in the logo). Not your typical, Williams and Sonoma/Crate & Barrel look. Their products all have a certain feel to them. Very sleek, ergonomic, and purposeful (and FUN!). The strainer in the image there is so cool! The green part expands when you dump your food in then closes back up to save space. And everything is made with heat and stain-resistant silicone. Very fancy stuff. You can tell a lot of thought goes into all of their products.

Needless to say, I was MOST impressed! And we'll definitely be sending out some emma swag to them as well. But seriously, check out their site. They've got some really nifty products, a very stylish website and snazzy product design overall.


Concerts and Such

So, Damien Rice is a no go. Boo. Waited too long for tickets. BUT Nickel Creek is playing end of November and tickets go on sale Sep. 21. Thought of maybe going to see Kings of Leon but I hear they're not that great live and they've got really bad attitudes, and I'm not a HUGE fan. I only know a few of their songs.

I REALLY wish Iron & Wine would come through. That would kick ass.

It ACTUALLY feels like fall today. We got a ton of rain and mix that with all the heat-wave-induced dead leaves, it smells very fallish. And the weather definitely has a Fair-week feel to it. It's still warm, and super humid from the rain, but much cooler than usual. It's all gray and gloomy. I LOVE it. :-)


Crumbly Bits

I really miss my family tonight. Particularly my sisters. I cried a little.

I like the smell of candles after they're blown out.

I really procrastinate when it comes to doing laundry.

Ben & Jerry's tastes better from the shop than the carton.

Contacts dry out my eyes.

I want fall. Really really bad.

Coffee flavored Nips Candies are delicious, but stick to your back teeth.

I can't wait for Shelby to meet Rhonda Wall tomorrow. I'm antsy for her reaction.

I want to go hiking.

I like Guster. And Badly Drawn Boy.


Entertaining Entertainment

Went to see The Ten at The Belcourt last night. Hilarious. It's directed by the same folks who did Wet Hot American Summer. I have to say I loved it. Not too many good reviews from what I've seen while perusing the interweb, but I liked it. It was totally cheesy, campy, hokey, and great for some good laughs. It's no Superbad, but neither is Wet Hot American Summer. It's ten short stories each based on one of the Ten Commandments. They are all kind of linked together, with no one major plot. I found pretty much every story surprisingly funny, and not one of them easy to predict (because really, when you think the Ten Commandments, it's easy to have preconceived plot notions). I'd say if you've got a spare 8 bucks it's worth a go.

Swap O' the Wifeys I actually watched some TV tonight that is not in the form of an Arrested Development DVD. If any of you have not seen the ABC show Wife Swap, I highly recommend it. Tonight was HILARIOUS! The one family seriously thought they were pirates. No joke. They live a life of "Piratude." No rules, no cleaning, fleas and total chaos. And they swapped with a Barbie doll-type family. The woman and daughter both looked to much like Britany Spears for my comfort and EVERYTHING in the house was labelled in it's own plastic bin. Food, Clothing.. everything labelled. Which bin for light clothes and darks, every shelf in the pantry was labelled. It was nuts! Bins for lined paper, scratch paper, fancy paper, photo paper. A separate Rubbermaid bin for light bulbs! Everything in plastic (which really was fitting for the family). Needless to say, it was highly entertaining seeing the two wives switch places.

In other news. Nothing. I worked late today cause I had some picky clients so I didn't join the gym, was lazy and ate two packets of easy mac and a banana for dinner. Watched TV and am now going to return a movie to Blockbuster (The Bridge. Crazy. Very sad, controversial but really interesting. It's a documentary about all the folks who jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge in 2004 with interviews from a survivor and various friends and family members of the victims).

Anyway, I plan on a full night of sweatpants (maybe Ben & Jerry's, but the afterguilt may be overwhelming) and Harry Potter VI.. and I don't even have PMS! YEAH LAZINESS!


Barcamp Nashville 07

So I'm a little late on this post, but I couldn't just ignore this event. For those of you that don't know, I attended a technology "unconference" known as Barcamp. Barcamps have been popping up all over the U.S. and two awesome dudes I work with at emma (Marcus Whitney and Dave Delaney) brainstormed and brought to life Barcamp Nashville which took place last week at Exit/In. I have to say, it was wonderful! So informative and inspiring!

I forget a lot of the speakers (in part because I've waited over a week to post AND I was helping with registration so really didn't pay attention as much as I'd planned) BUT the ones I do remember were phenomenal. The main theme of the event seemed to focus on community, the online community.

Chris Houchens spoke about Marketing and embracing the digital world. Marketing peeps and all folks in the commercial realm really need to take note of the online action and hop on the bandwagon. Blogs and online marketing are more influential than ever. Companies should be getting to know their consumers, using Wikis, creating blogs. Be personable. You can see a slideshow of his presentation here.

Mitch Joel was soon to follow and was quite excellent. He went into great detail about how 'conversation' is changing, our world communicates now on an entirely different level. He was witty and to the point. He had some crazy statistics and basically drove home that as a world, a community, we need to really embrace the changes that are going on. There needs to be more trust in the economy, people need to not be treated as 'products.' Companies need to realize that while they still control the price and production of a product, the Consumer's voice is now just as big as that of the Company, putting the two on equal terms. The online community needs to not just be observers but get in on the action and create. Be a part of the growth. Create a blog, upload a Youtube video.

Some of Mitch's most surprising points:
• 48% of leisure time is pent online.
• youtube's (Canada) growth from april 2006-2007? 616% wow!!
• facebook (Canada.. Mitch is Canadian) growth from 2006-2007? 2424%
• "i really don't know whether we'll be printing the times in five years, and you know what? i don't care either." - arthur sulzberger, owner, chairman and publisher of ny times

And my other favorite Keynote was Penelope Trunk. She is a "Brazen Careerist" and tells of 10 myths of the job market. It was SO interesting! She basically brought to the point the differences in generations and our views on 'careers.' People aren't staying in the same job for 15, 20, 30 years. It's important to find what you're good at and do it and do it well. If you accomplish that you'll be successful. She blogs full time (and Penelope Trunk was a psuedonym that she had legally changed to be her real name. Crazy). She currently gives career advice, helping people live and enjoy life yet lead a successful career path. She's very much an entrepreneur and VERY inspirational!

Click here for some great points from all the keynotes.

More Pics from Barcamp Nashville!

Overall a fantastic event. I do wish I had gone over to Café Coco to check out some of the PHP stuff. Definitely makes me motivated to really get my PHP skills sharpened and get on my way to blogging from scratch.

p.s. HUGE blog about a way cool printing press in the very near future.

Complaint Department

I'm on a rant, about myself. I irritate me. I've been super lazy lately and I blame summer. The three weeks of 3-digit degree weather have taken it's toll and have made me want nothing more than to become a couch appendage. There's a change on the way folks.

I feel it. Physically, it feels nothing like fall and there have been no giddy emotions knowing October is around the corner. In fact, the idea of an 85 degree day sounds like heaven about now, but all that aside, I think subconsciously my body knows fall is on the way. I want to make something, do something, create. I've been far too lazy. I need to go out and see shows, cut back on sleep, get back into really studying PHP, sudoku, logic problems, draw, hike, cook, knit. I want to learn to sew and make stuff. I'm knitting a bag right now with yarn I've had for years. I learned the stockinette stitch, I mess up a bit, but it's pretty easy. I took a page of my sketchbook and filled it with ideas of things I want to make. I wish I had taken some crafts classes at KU.

Anyway. I've been in a funk and it's high time I forced my way out of it. Fall does this to me. The weather may deceive, but my body and brain know. They know there is change on the way and I need a part of it. It's time for some personal growth! YEAH! I love learning new stuff. Makes me feel accomplished. PLUS I'm finally joining a gym, which I've been saying I'm going to do, but due to various uncontrollable circumstances, I have to wait until Monday to join.. but watch out kids! Come Christmas-time, I'm going to be a whole new Taylor. Better, stronger, smarter and full of goodness (and homemade presents galore!).

Keep an eye out on some more posts. I've got some that are overdue that I need to get out and some just for fun. PLUS!!!! I'M GOING TO IDAHO FOR MY BIRTHDAY/HALLOWEEN TO VISIT JENNA!!!!!!! I'M MORE EXCITED THAN YOU COULD EVEN BEGIN TO KNOW! ROCKY MOUNTAINS, MOOSE, MONTANA, HIKING, FRIEND AND PETS OF FRIEND, AND POSSIBLY SNOW? yay! :-D


Start With the Basics:

1. 0 + a =

2. a(0) =

3. 0 - a =

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6. a - 0 =

7. a/0 =

answers: 1. a, 2. 0, 3. -a, 4. 0, 5. 0, 6. a, 7. undefined


Random McRandomness

Going to see Modest Mouse next Wednesday at the Ryman. I scored the LAST seat, so it is now a sold out show. It was a handicapped seat, but since it's the last seat and the show is next week they sold me the ticket and I get my own padded folding chair (and it's a great view!). So I'm stoked. Also, I'm REALLY seriously considering (pretty much definitely) going to see Damien Rice (also at the Ryman) on September 13th providing I can get a decent seat. I do heart his voice. Very much so.

In other news: I took out an algebra book from the library. I haven't done Algebra siiiince.. hm.. Algebra II my freshman year of high school, circa 1997/1998. I'm curious to see if I can figure it out. As I recall, I didn't do so hot back then, but I also really hated school at that point, so we'll see how it goes.

I've decided today I want to start an herb garden. Mostly because I'm pissed that I can never seem to find fresh basil. I went to Kroger, Publix and Wild Oats yesterday.. the stuff at Wild Oats had roots attached, but I managed to find a teeny plastic packet of it at Publix. Lame. BUT any advice would be appreciated *a-hem, Jenna* I was thinking putting terra-cotta pots out on my little stoop/porch outside my apt. would work. If I plant anything in the ground it will probably be killed by weeds (my neighbor and I aren't too keen on yardwork) or dug up (Memphis likes to dig and I like Memphis, so.) and it's nice and sunny on my porch and would require only stepping out my door to water.

I'm getting a gym membership hopefully Friday. I'm WAY excited. I think my blood has begun to coagulate. I just can't stand going outside or even moving with the heat. Blech. It will be a good shift.

That's really about it. Nothing overly exciting. Happy Monday Kids.


the Hotness


exciting excitement!!

We did it! We hit our ultimate goal and we all here at Emma are getting a bonus! I am WAY excited. Next Friday I'll be receiving an extra paycheck with which I will be getting new tires, an oil change, a sticker and emissions test AAAAAAAAAND a gym membership!!!! ALSO I got a $50 gift card for helping out a grouchy client and in the end having him LOVE his stationery and LOVING emma! (and seeing as how he's a former Constant Contact junkie, that's pretty sweet!).. SO i'm not sure what i want to spend it on, but it's certainly made my week a bit sweeter. P.S. Laura ROCKS! (she's the one in sales that sold him the account and had to put up with more crap than i did. she's a trooper!)

Again I say, I LOVE emma! I love the people, the work, [almost] all of my clients. For instance, Tuesday night, a block from my apt., Jason (who is our kick-as IT leader who also plays some killer jazz) happened to be playing a gig. A nice handful of emma peeps showed up and it was a fabulous time! And tonight there is an emma sales team karaoke extravaganza (which I'm on the fence yet as to whether I feel like attending). But anywho, I love 'em all. Really and truly. It's just a good and fulfilling time overall.

ALSO in the Emma news.. the Fido crew (i.e. the baristas at emma's favorite coffee shop) took down a wanted thief who was trying to steal a laptop (running back to his stolen car).. we awarded them with medals.. CHECK OUT THE STORY!

Many Thanks to Mr. Cantore

Since moving down here, my parallel parking skills have improved ten-fold. I'm very proud.

Also, I've been listening to music from various co-worker itunes libraries. I must say, I really like Andrew Bird. Very excellent work music.

Thursday's OK, but I'd rather a Friday.. but at least it's not a Tuesday!


Good Thoughts

While driving to Barnes & Noble today, I started thinking of all my favorite "moments." You see, throughout my life I have moments that have just burned themselves into my brain and every so often I'll just find myself going back to them. And the thoughts I am talking about are the best ones. The thoughts that bring me back to the happiest moments, even if most of those moments were only an hour or so here and there. So, for your reading enjoyment, here is an unordered list of my favorite thoughts..

1.) Star-Gazing
Laying up on the hill on a clear August night watching for shooting stars. The cool damp grass, a comfy blanket and just all those stars. You forget how clear they are when you live in an urban area. It's just so peaceful and relaxing. You look up at all those stars and the fireflies and the smell of lingering bonfire or cookout. You appreciate everything you have. In that moment, that specific point in time, no matter how shitty things are, everything is perfect. You have your health, your family, the grass and the stars. I miss that.

2.) Crisp Late-October Hiking
My neighbors back home own hundreds of acres of forests and fields. My favorite time to look back on is being up on the trails, the dirt paths between fields. Usually a deer or two lingering in the field, all twitchy knowing that hunting season is on its heels. The air is cold and crisp. A nice 40-some degree day. Cold enough for a sweater, jeans, boots and maybe a scarf. No need for a jacket. Nose and cheeks red from the cold. Acorns or a hawk feather in my pocket. The smell of dying leaves and earth and the bright reds and oranges on the trees. *sigh*

3.) Top of Chimney Tops
This one is one specific moment. Hiking with Jenna up to Chimney Tops in the Smokies. We hiked 2 miles up the mountain in snow and ice. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees by the top. After making it to the very very top, with miles upon miles of mountains on all sides.. just looking out over all of God's creation. And my muscles were sore and tired but wonderful. Jenna shared her cheese bread (which at the end of a hike is a delicacy finer than any fare at a fancy establishment). It was a fantastic day. The last day of 2005 spent with one of my best friends at the top of a mountain with plenty of great conversation when our breath was caught up enough to allow it.

4.) Early Dismissal/Snow Days
I'm not sure if this one is a particular day or combined days from my childhood. Either way I think of it and it makes me all nostalgic and happy. An early dismissal from school with snow falling, a foot or more of impending blizzard-type goodness. We get home and my mom has a pot of homemade chicken soup on the stove with homemade bread still warm from the oven and homemade sugar cookies either already baked or in the making. With enough snow on the ground Morgan and I gear up (which means wearing at least 5 pairs of pants simultaneously) grabbing the sleds and going out to sled down the hill. And Shevis (my old dog) would chase us all the way down. And we'd trudge back up the hill to the very top (when my mom wasn't looking) and sled down as fast as possible, slamming into the fireplace, deck or house only to go back up and do it again. And then, once we're frozen with snow in our hair and cheeks and nose red and stinging we go inside, tracking snow everywhere and enjoy cookies and hot chocolate. If I ever have children, I'll HAVE to move back to an area with snow. That's not even a question.

5.) Old Orchard Beach, ME
Every summer my family goes up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine for some family vay-cay. I'd always find myself something good to read. I would love just laying on the beach, engrossed in a good book. The hot sand and the sun. The smell of the pages. And once I became too hot, into the frigid Atlantic I'd go and swim until my skin was a bluish tint and feeling started to fade (I like my water cold). Once I was good and frozen I'd take all my stuff back up to the pool and warm up in the pool water only to find myself a beach chair and read some more until I was dry. Then later in the evening I'd play Rummy with my grandmother, my hair and skin caked with a nice layer of chlorine and salt water and just feeling good from being in the sun (despite my inevitible sunburns).

6.) Africa
I went on a missionary trip to Africa when I was 15. I was on a team of teenagers that helped build an orphanage for AIDS orphans. ANYWAY I always remember one day in particular, I was walking back from the worksite (I forget why, but I was by myself). It was just so beautiful. You could see HUGE mountains along the horizon, bigger than any mountains I've seen over in the states. They were all faded purple along the blue sky background.. not a cloud to be found. The sun was a deep red, you could look right at it due to all the dust in the air, it was Malawi's dry season. And all around the path were charred fields. Not an ounce of green. Just huge Baobob trees and dry fields with the smell of smoke in the air. (The locals burn the fields every year and collect the mice that run out and sell them cooked on a stick). That walk though, was just breathtaking and humbling. The smell of the smoke and the warm dry air. I had my boots on and my hair hadn't been washed in at least a month and my skirt was dirty from working with dust dried to the sweat on my skin, in my nose, my hair. It may sound gross, but that was one of the happiest moments of my life. That very point was the closest I've ever been with God and the strongest I had ever been spiritually. I just bring back the memory of that walk and I am so happy and thankful.

So kids, there are lots more little memories (morgan camping out in my room and us staying up all night talking, building forts in the woods, some memories more on a personal note, etc.) but the ones listed above are my favorites. If you read them all, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!


Heads Up...

Emma's hiring. We've got open positions across the board, but what I'm really posting about is the designer position. We've been growing, and fast. Emma's becoming a big gal and we're looking for another designer to help keep up the pace.

If anyone is looking for a design job and is savvy in Photoshop and has strong HTML skills, send in your stuff! Emma's a kick-ass company. We're laid back and know how to have a good time (beer on Fridays and Guitar Hero at the independent theater) but we also work hard. We don't have time to train someone so we're really on the lookout for someone who's got skills and is ready to jump right in (and an awesome personality and sense of humor are key as well).

SO tell your friends! And you can apply here. And if I know you, give me a heads up that you're applying and I'll let my Design Director know.

P.S. if you apply, MAKE SURE you have a working site with examples of work, or a Coroflot or AIGA page with work or even send in a PDF and WRITE A COVER LETTER. You'd be surprised at how many designers apply with none of these things.



Travis. By far, hands down one of my all-time favorite bands. I'd say even a smidge more favorite than radiohead. I've been a fan of Travis since my junior year of high school (Fall of 1999 to be precise). Travis' tour dates in the states have been very few.. years since the last tour. With the release of their latest album a few months ago (which is most fabulous by the way) they decided to come back to the states and I was all over tickets like a dog on a soggy tennis ball. Luckily, my friend Jenn is just as excited about Travis as I am and we both bought tickets to the show in Atlanta which was this past weekend. WHAT a Sunday!! Let me tell ya..

Jenn and I made all sorts of plans to meet at her parents' house in Chattanooga for some dinner then head out to Atlanta early to get a good spot for the show (doors opened at 7). Well, we left early enough, around 1-ish in the afternoon. At 3:45 (EST) we hit traffic, right before Chattanooga. Turns out there was an accident and about 20 miles ahead of the accident there was a sinkhole. We sat in traffic, in a dead stand still for over 2 hours. We thought for sure we wouldn't make the show, we were angry, sad, depressed.. of ALL the shows, why Travis? Who knows when they'll be back? With their last show dates being in Mexico City and Japan, we were crushed. We had decided if the trafic didn't move by 7 we'd have to go home. (Chattanooga's about 2 hours from Atlanta, and with the show starting at 8, we were quite down-trodden). But to our surprise and sheer glee, the traffic started moving around 6:40 only to hit traffic from the sinkhole. Needless to say, I rode up on the burm, got off on the next exit and we high-tailed it to Atlanta.

We made it to the show 20 minutes before Travis went onstage. I about pissed myself with excitement. (Jenn was equally ecstatic). I have to say, the Travis show was the best concert I've ever been to. The crowd ranged from 20s to 40s age-range and everyone knew the words to every song (including myself). It was fantastic. Travis themselves seemed pretty surprised at the level of fandom. They were shocked the crowd knew the words to so many songs, especially the new stuff.. and the cheering.. we (the crowd) screamed so loud at some points it was hard for them to continue. I really don't think they expected the reaction. They even said they plan on coming back within the year. My heart melted. I love them.

Here's the thing with Travis. You either love them or don't know them. The lyrics sink in and they just hit you. Granted, a good bit of the music is mellow, so I was half expecting a boring show.. BUT the parts of the song where you feel the angriest or saddest or happiest upon listening, they REALLY put all of that feeling into the performance. It was spectacular beyond words. Truly. They played songs from ALL of their albums: Good Feeling, The Man Who, Invisible Band, 12 Memories and their newest, The Boy With No Name. I was (and still am) on cloud 9. It way exceeded my expectations and from their reactions, we exceeded their expectations.

I CAN'T WAIT for the next show. I'm swooning just thinking about it. But next time, we're going to go a day early. Traffic be damned!

p.s. I found out "Flowers in the Window" -The Invisible Band, is about his wife being pregnant. I think that makes the song 10 times more beautiful than it already is.


There's a Fiesta in my mouth and I LOVE it!

I've been on a cooking binge lately. Last time I was at the store I bought all sorts of ingredient-type stuff.. lots of spices, canned beans, tomatoes, pesto.. all sorts of stuff! Tonight I decided to try my hand at an impromptu Mexican dish.

This is seriously one of the most delicious dishes I've had when it comes to Mexican fare. I even like it better than pretty much anything I've had at a restaurant. It's SUPER easy and very healthy. And a big bonus, it doesn't take long to cook at all. If you own a pan and a stove you can make this dish. I had it over rice with sour cream on top, but you could use it as fajita filling or whatever. Here's how it goes:

My Random Fiesta Sensation:
1 green bell pepper
1 can of diced tomatoes and chilies.. check the ingredients, get some with lots of seasonings in it (I bought the hot kind on accident, but I think it wound up tasting better for it)
1/2 a can of black beans that had been hanging out in my fridge for probably longer than they should
1 chicken breast (you don't even really need to use this, to be honest, it's good with or without.. you can substitute any other meat too)

I put a little olive oil in a pan and started warming it up on med/high (closer to med) heat. I dumped in my chopped up bell pepper and chicken (which I had also cut up) and then the black beans. Stir that a little and cook until the meat is getting near done.. not dark but not pink. Dump in the can of tomatoes and chilies, reduce heat and simmer awhile. I let it simmer while I cooked up some instant brown rice, so about 10 minutes? Maybe less. I didn't want it soupy so I let it simmer a bit.. it's really up to you how long you cook it.

ANYWAY. I put that stuff over rice, with a little sour cream on top and a cold Yuengling = wonderfully delicious!!

In other cooking (read: baking) news.. I'm on a pie kick. I made an apple pie (100% from scratch, crust and all) on Saturday and brought in the leftovers to work yesterday (I just couldn't eat the whole thing myself). Needless to say it was a big hit! I'm thinking next I want to bake a raspberry pie. Or maybe blueberry. My mom and dad are visiting this weekend and my mom's bringing me down a small pie plate (I only have a big one), a bread pan, muffin tins and cake pans. I am VERY excited about this!! You can bet your bottom the flour will be flying in my kitchen. Yay!


A Few Random Points

1. If you have a stomach ache (or any kind of heartburn, indigestion, etc.) mix 1/2 tsp. baking soda in about 6 oz. of water and drink it. It tastes a bit like Alka Seltzer, not too yummy, but boy does it work! Great stuff and totally natural!

2. I am going to make an apple pie this weekend. If it turns out well (I haven't baked an apple pie since I was about 13 or 14, but as I recall, it was mighty tasty) I may start making pies for church or whoever just wants pie. I also plan on starting and finishing my "All in the Family" Dio-Rama. (Jenna, I may be late on the deadline. sorry.)

3. I just filled out the forms to transfer all of my credit card balances on to one. This will pretty much max out that card by all but $100. BUT I'll be able to focus on one payment instead of 3 and one set of montly interest fees as opposed to 3. I'm hoping to get the balance down by half within the next year or so.

4. I hate running in humidity. I've discovered it's not the heat, in fact, the mornings are fairly mild. It's the humidity that kicks my ass. I think I'll stick mostly to hiking and walking for the rest of the summer.

5. I REALLY like sleeping 8 hours a night. Once the remnants of too-much-sleep-guilt (leftover from college days) wears off, I have to say, it's pretty great!

6. My favorite places in Nashville are as follows (not in order, cause they're all are too different to rate):

  • The Nashville Public Library

  • Radnor Lake

  • The Belcourt

  • The Basement

7. I haven't physically spoken the ever popular Southern contraction: "Yall" Although it has cropped up numerous times in personal internal dialogue. I have a sinking feeling it's only a matter of time before "You guys" turns into "You all" which I feel may then morph into "Y'all." Scary, I know.

That's about it. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!! Peace out.


I Heart Emma

Check out pictures of last week's Guitar Hero event. Have I mentioned how much I love working at Emma?

And here is our "Virtual Booth" that we presented for an online conference. TOO funny!


The woes of an introvert.

I'll probably delete this later. I'm just ranting to myself. about myself.

argh. I went to a party tonight. Very fun. Met lots of new people, some good conversation, some good laughs. Overall a good time. Problem is, it only took me about 2 or so hours to finally open up and talk to people. And as per usual, I got the "you look like you're not having fun. Aren't you having fun?" comment. ARGH. I really REALLY need to work on my social skills. I make myself so mad sometimes. I have such a hard time just opening up and talking to people I don't know or don't know well. I don't know why. It's like something just holds me back. I tell myself, in my head, to just walk up to people and start a conversation (really, that mental dialogue really does occur), but something just holds me back. Maybe it's fear? Of what, I'm not fully sure. But there's a definitely mental fence there. With barbed wire.

Why can't I just be that girl that can go up to anyone anywhere and just start a conversation??? Honestly. And I wouldn't normally consider myself shy, but really, I guess when I get down to it I am. I mean, I've got tons of friends, I am fully capable of holding conversations, cracking jokes.. but it's always with people I'm close to. Why can't I just break this damn shell and be that way with everyone??

I mean, I don't intentionally try to look like I'm not having fun. I am fully ok with not saying a word and in reality am having a great time. Unfortunately, this is not perceived as 'having fun.' I'm just tired of being told I look like I'm not having fun. I don't like being the 'No fun' girl. I DO have fun. Honestly. I do. Why can't I just convey that? I try to remember to smile (I sometimes forget to do that). And I laugh at people's jokes and make attempts to join conversation. I don't know. I just can't quite grasp the whole being social and outgoing bit.

Anyway. That's enough of me complaining about my inadequacies. It's just something I need to stop whining about and just work on. **sigh** I'm so frustrated with myself.

Yeah. I'll be deleting this tomorrow I'm sure.


M is for Murder

So let me just say I'm über excited. The Belcourt has been playing old Alfred Hitchcock movies. This has me simply tickled! I am able to see old 1950-some Hitchcock films.. in the theater!?? How awesome! At first I was bummed out because I thought it was only during June, but saw today it's going to continue through July! Last night I went to see Vertigo (which I must say, has one of the best kiss scenes ever. Not to mention a fantastically twisted plot!). This week is Psycho. I am also going to catch a French film Sunday night. "Le Vie en Rose," the story of Edith Piaf, a famous French singer who went from the streets of Paris to NYC. The synopsis actually sounds quite intriguing. Google it if you're curious.

Anywho. Back to Hitchcock. His films are by far some of my all-time favorites. Just so well done and the plot lines are excellent, not to mention the casts. Superb! July's lineup is as follows:
July 14-15: SUSPICION
July 21-22: THE 39 STEPS
July 28-29: REAR WINDOW
I will be missing Stage Fright, but am REALLY looking forward to Rear Window. It's a personal favorite. Sadly, The Birds was not chosen, but I'm OK with that. There's more than enough vintage horror film fun to keep me busy! I'm thinking the Belcourt may be my new home for the next few weekends!

P.S. I am also excited for the Second Saturday Summer Sci-Fi Series at Sundown! Cheesy Sci-Fi films on original 16mm film? I am SO there!


Tea anyone?

She beats having a robot any day.


What weekends are made for..

Sigh. I love hiking. There is just nothing better... well, few things anyway. I got up early yesterday to drive out to Fall Creek Falls. Nothing beats a 95 degree Tennessee afternoon like a 3 hour hike in woods that are about 10 degrees cooler with a nice breeze. Simply lovely. I didn't go on the trails I originally wanted to go on. The one I had meant to take would have taken me across the top of the falls and to that lovely overlook pictured above. I didn't realize I was not where I wanted to be until about an hour and a half into the hike. Oh well. Next time. Next time I WILL be one of those idiots out on the ledge, or looking out over the falls. I always feel so great after a hike. I love how my body just feels so good. Feels worked and tired, but in a happy way. I worked up a good sweat, downed three Nalgene bottles of water, and had an overall spectacular time. I'll put up a few more pictures at the end of the post. I have more pictures, but these are some of my favorites.

The rest of the weekend has been pretty relaxing. Went to a "Passions" sex toy/bachelorette party. It was... interesting. But fun. Today I was inducted as a new member into the Lutheran Church downtown. An elderly woman gave me a HUGE hug. It was great. Feels like family and that's such a great feeling. It really is. Everyone is SUPER nice and next week is a "New Member" BBQ. I also plan on joining a Sunday School group and maybe get on a committee. I'm very excited about this church. Lots of good things going on.

The rest of today was spent doing domestic necessities. Washed two weeks of laundry, sheets, pillowcases, and my comforter. Clipped some coupons and hit up the Green Hills Kroger. I dusted, yesterday I vaccumed, today I washed the floors, made some tasty hamburgers and got some clutter under control. Found a roach in my office. A tiny one this time. He wasn't looking in too good of shape. He wasn't really moving and kept going on his back. He's not dead yet, but I think he's on his way. I know the exterminator sprayed last week, but I put out some bait just in case. Roaches just scare the crap out of me. I don't know what it is.. but they just give me the willies.

Anywho, on a more positive note.. here are more pics from yesterday's hike. Enjoy!


BarCamp Nashville

What & Why
BarCamp Nashville is a 'future' festival. Expect a mashup of unexpected presentations with a great lineup of internationally recognized keynote speakers and live music. Nashville is ready for a celebration of our interactive, music, design and marketing communities. Space is limited, register today.

Where & When
August 18th at the Exit/In from 12pm – 12am. BarCamp is free to the public.

Who will attend
Anyone interested in learning about the future of new media, design, online marketing,technology and creative control. It’s the perfect environment for hobbyists to exchange ideas and network with industry luminaries. Future entrepreneurs, technology visionaries, digital creators, music revolutionaries and marketing whiz kids will find themselves in stylish company at this premiere community focused event.

Check out BarCamp Nashville info here. Check out the Wiki or Register now.


I'm going to see Erik tomorrow!!!

I'm stopping tomorrow morning in Mechanicsburg off 81 on my way back to Nashville. One of my bestest best buddies, Erik Preston, lives there and I will be stopping to visit and have some diner breakfast (which will involve heavy amounts of coffee). I am SOOOOOOOO excited to see Erik!!! :-D I can't think of a better way to kick off a 13 hour car-ride.



My good friend Jenna has initiated a DioRama contest, paste and crayola style (you know, that project in elementary school where you make a world inside a shoebox). The theme is 70s sitcoms (I've got dibs on All in the Family). All entries due July 6th and a prize is yet to be determined. Rules are listed below as per Jenna's blog...

Rules are as follows! ( surely they will be appended )

1. All entries are due July 6th 2007. You can email me a picture (if you have no blog) but to be fun, lets all post for judging on our own sites on the 6th. Kevin is getting a TV blogger to judge for us.

2. Theme is "Favorite 70's sitcoms." Must be a half hour long show and Happy Days, M*A*S*H, Mary T.M, All in the Family, Maude, Threes Company, And the Bob Newhart Show - are Taken. There are many, many, more left.

3. You must do a scene or event that aired in the 70's. (Example, I can't do the series finale of M*A*S*H, even though I want too)

4. You must use materials that were available to you in 3rd grade. No flat screen laptop monitors, or fancy design work. Think elementary school, son.

5. Must be contained in a standard sized shoebox. (If you work at Reebok, you have no excuses. If you work in Tennessee, you have a couple)

6. Winner gets something. Not sure what yet. I think we should all throw in 10 bucks and get them an ipod shuffle or ebay gift card.

7. PLease post your show here so no one else can take it. Note which are already taken.

8. You're co-workers and friends may enter as well. People in my office are already excited.

Let's get creative!


NEW DOODLE! (oh, you are SO excited)

Well kids, the pen is FINALLY back in hand. And by pen I mean Wacom stylus. I've been out of the doodle loop for far too long. Hopefully this is the first of many!