A Higher... Something

After a jam-packed day of Oktoberfest, beer drinking, bonfiring, and more beer drinking, I ended up in an amazing (albeit fairly drunken) conversation with two of my best friends about religion. I LOVE talking about religion. Not in a Bible-beating sort of way, not in an "I'm right and you're not" sort of way, but in a passionate, heated, conversational/informational kind of way. I LOVE hearing different opinions and stances and beliefs. Something about it just fires me up. I am very solid in my belief in a higher power, a higher something, in God. Yet my beliefs are quite liberal. Living in the Bible belt, yet being a firm believer in God, I find it difficult and stifling to engage in religious conversation. I realize that a majority of people who believe are very closed minded and thus I rarely get to talk about it. Which is sad. I don't like arguments and I don't like blanket statements, so for the most part, those kinds of conversations are out of the question. Most people can't discuss without those kinds of reactions. Anger tends to be a byproduct, so to find myself in a conversation on the topic that is actually enlightening, interesting, engaging and just conversational, I always find delightful. Some of the best conversations I've ever had have been about religion in groups of people who practice and believe all different religions or even none at all. Anywho, it pretty much made my evening. Well, that and the whole bonfire and beer drinking part probably didn't hurt.


Week of Weeks

This week's been an interesting one. It's felt twice as long as the average week yet I can't believe it's already the weekend. I've had something going on pretty much every night this last week. Not that anyone needs a rundown, but here goes.

Monday night I met a new hiking friend. His name is Preston and he's the brother of the husband of a co-worker's best friend. Random eh? We hung out for a couple hours over a beer and quesadillas (NOT a date). He's obsessed with hiking, really into cooking, works in horticulture and is nerdy in a non-technological way which I find refreshing, he's easy to talk to, laid back, and dare-I-say cute? I hope he'll be a good friend. I can't say I've got a crush on the boy, but I'm sure it's possible down the road. Right now, I'm just excited to have a potentially new mountain-crashing cohort.

Tuesday night I kicked off a drawing club! I'm trying to get some creative friends, co-workers and friends-of-co-workers together weekly to draw while possibly enjoying frosty beverages and enjoy some conversation. The first event was great! My co-workers Lauren, Elizabeth and Trey participated along with a friend of Elizabeth. It was a great time and I hope to keep it up and add to the group.

Wednesday night I cleaned my apartment, made homemade minestrone and experimented with my new French press. Not too exciting, but satisfying.

Thursday night I skipped out on a free show downtown to have girl's night with a friend of mine. We went to Rumours, a wine bar up the street, got annoyingly drunk, talked about work and boys and all your typical crap. We were loud and boisterous, spoke of things one only talks about when drunk and probably far too loudly while dropping far too many F-Bombs. It happens. It was a good time.

And tonight I had a dinner/bible study get-together with some girlfriends over homemade pizza, salad and brownies. We share concerns, prayers, praises, the week's events, our lives in general. It was nice. Truly. I can't say I'm as solidly devout as these girls are, but they help round me out and make me a better person. They are a great support system and just good people. And you can't go wrong with good people.

And as the week's evenings were packed and full of life, the days themselves were back and forth. I found out the Lynda project I was potentially offered isn't going to work out. If I brush up on my teaching skills, possibly in six months, but all in all I'm not all that disappointed. Which is odd for me. These things usually devastate me, but not so much this time. It actually felt like a bit of a relief. I also bought plane tickets to NYC to watch Morgan run the marathon and get to see my parents, sisters, cousins, aunt and uncle. My mom found out her dog, which she expected to have to put down this week, is going to be receiving some new joint treatments and is expected to live at least two more years, much more exciting than the few days my mom was expecting. I lost a $200 money order. I spent time in meetings about some exciting work initiatives that have me pumped about my job, scared of the timeline, excited for some challenges that lie ahead, and find myself in love with my job all over again.

I've been crazy busy, thinking about so many things, exciting things. Travel, work, boys, friends, good times, eating, drinking and general merriment. And all this thinking brings me around to this: I am 27 for less than 2 more weeks. I will be 28, two years shy of 30. I NEED to set some goals, work towards them, achieve them. This life is good. It's crazy, it's busy, it's moving fast and is far too short. I need to make the most of what I've got and go after the things I don't have and cherish every moment, thought, idea, friend, foe and experience.