a little bit of tennessee

so.. this is pretty much the same exact post that i just put up on my xanga, which is probably a bit of a cop out. hopefully i find more motivation to keep this thing updated. i guess i've just been avoiding my computer a little. after spending 8.5 hours a day working in front of one, i don't really feel like sitting in front of mine as often when i'm home.

so how are things? how's life? how is everyone doing? hopefully well! things with me are great. work is steady, i've been getting a lot of new projects that i am in charge of, so i'm pretty stoked about that. i'm getting a lot more responsibility and with that even more creative freedom. hopefully this means i'll be getting a raise at some point.. that would be nice.

i went to tennessee for new years, though most of you who read this already know that.. it was AWESOME! here are a couple pictures:

--Dixie Dirt at Barley's.. a local band that lives in the apt. above jenna. it was their last show. good band though

--some knoxville grafiti that i thought was rather interesting

--the VERY top of the chimney tops trail in the smoky mountains.. AWESOME.. there aren't words to describe it. the hike was probably the toughest hike i've ever been on (probably due to the nice layer of ice covering a majority of the trail) it was the BEST way to end 2005

--an iron iron in ashevill, nc.. how ironic, and here's one of jenna with jazz (who is looking particularly evil.. though he is really quite a cool dog)

so that was my new years. it was a blast! i definitely want to go back. TN's a cool place.

since then i've been pretty much just working. nothing too exciting. i have some new ideas brewing.. i'm thinking of starting a product line, but i want to wait a little before i unveil it.. i need to actually follow through with it first..

anyway, i'm getting back into running, not that i was really a runner before. i actually pretty much hate running, but it's good for me and i feel good when i do it. i ran 1.5 miles 3 days last week. hopefully this week i'll be able to do more. morgan has a new beau (who happens to be really awesome! she picked a good one) and my mom keeps cooking all this food for him which means huge dinners and today we had a huge post-church brunch..ugh.. i really need to cut back.. or my mom needs to stop being such a good cook!

so anyway.. hope this post finds everyone chipper, cheerful, and oh so peachy!!

*Thank you Jenna for a wonderful Knoxville adventure!!*


Jenna said...

I can't wait to be up there when it's summer

Jenna said...

hey great to see the pictures, and im proud of you for running again. Im starting again too. Come when its warmer and bring a swimsuit and a towel and we'll find some deep creeks tor drive to the hotsprings.