Weekend of Phenomenal-ness

Our Think Tank event went down on Saturday and it was AWESOME!!!!
I got to schmooze and be inspired by:

Shaun Inman - Development and Web Design
Be A Design Group - Design Podcasters and kick-ass designers in general
Von Glitschka - Illustrative Designer
Marian Bantjes - Type Designer
Debbie Millman - Brand Manager (on the cover of HOW, redesigned BK logo, etc.)

AMAZING event. I scored a limited edition poster from Be A Design Group which was screen-printed and incorporated letterpress and metallic ink.. very nice. The whole event was so inspiring and all of the speakers (wives of speakers too) were just so wonderful, easy to talk to and FUN! Once AIGA photos are posted, I'll be adding more!

Friday was great too. Took the speakers to Monell's, a popular Nashville Meat n' Three. Great food, good time.

And yesterday was the icing on the cake. Beautiful weather and 10 miles of hiking.

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend! More picture and details to come, but I just had to get a post in now.

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Kevin said...

did you get to read any more of those books?