A Higher... Something

After a jam-packed day of Oktoberfest, beer drinking, bonfiring, and more beer drinking, I ended up in an amazing (albeit fairly drunken) conversation with two of my best friends about religion. I LOVE talking about religion. Not in a Bible-beating sort of way, not in an "I'm right and you're not" sort of way, but in a passionate, heated, conversational/informational kind of way. I LOVE hearing different opinions and stances and beliefs. Something about it just fires me up. I am very solid in my belief in a higher power, a higher something, in God. Yet my beliefs are quite liberal. Living in the Bible belt, yet being a firm believer in God, I find it difficult and stifling to engage in religious conversation. I realize that a majority of people who believe are very closed minded and thus I rarely get to talk about it. Which is sad. I don't like arguments and I don't like blanket statements, so for the most part, those kinds of conversations are out of the question. Most people can't discuss without those kinds of reactions. Anger tends to be a byproduct, so to find myself in a conversation on the topic that is actually enlightening, interesting, engaging and just conversational, I always find delightful. Some of the best conversations I've ever had have been about religion in groups of people who practice and believe all different religions or even none at all. Anywho, it pretty much made my evening. Well, that and the whole bonfire and beer drinking part probably didn't hurt.

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