feliz navidad.. and all that jazz

happy holidays everyone! unfortunately, quite a few people are having unhappy holidays. i find a lot of people are breaking up this time of year. it’s rather distressing. being ridiculously single, i’ve never experienced a breakup, but from all the crying i’ve witnessed, i’m sure they’re no picnic. these are the times i'm glad i don’t have a significant other. makes life SO much simpler!

so obviously, i’ve jumped the blogspot bandwagon. i actually joined back in october, but never actually got around to putting anything substantial in here (hence the last post). i more than likely will not put anything substantial in here. maybe i’ll just vent. or tell lame jokes. or recount pointless observations. who knows.

anywho. so far i am thoroughly enjoying the christmas season! my dad is home and sunday we all went to get the tree.. all 6 of us. it was quite the adventure! then i helped my dad get the lights around it. that was a sight. i’d have to say this year's tree is perfection. maybe i’ll get a picture of it and put it on. it's the best smelling tree we’ve ever had. yesterday i helped my dad wrap gifts for my mom. it’s cute. he gets so excited about the gifts he buys. this year he bought her a whole bunch of smaller gifts.. one gift was a regular bottle of oil of olay lotion you’d get at the grocery store. he was SO excited about it. he thought it was the coolest thing ever. it made me chuckle. then he went to get a box to wrap it in and brought out this beat up nasty box that had holes in it and was all chewed up. i tried to explain that that wouldn’t work. he was stubborn, but in the end and made him go find a shoebox. it was cute.

my parents are getting along SOOO well! usually by this time they’re at each other’s throats, but this year they’re getting along so wonderfully! every so often they’ll just randomly hug each other, like while they’re in the middle of talking about bills. again, it’s cute.

my dad will be going to nebraska to work for a year starting in january. my boss already approved me taking a week off this summer to visit him. he’ll be in omaha, so i may be swinging by kansas city to say hi. my dad says it’s not all that far away.

i'm going to go read for a bit, or draw, or knit, make some hot chocolate with a candycane… who knows

it’s raining outside and it sounds wonderful.

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Kristen said...

omaha is only about 3 hours away from KC!