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WARNING this is a venting post

so, as per usual, it's drama central at the schena household. i guess that's inevitable when you live with three other women (4 when morgan's home).

as previously mentioned, relationship dramas abound. unfortunately, my mother likes to take small things and twist them around into very large insane dramatic tragedies. my sister and i told my mother about the guys we met when we were out drinking last week (because, as is accustomed when drinking, members of the opposite sex like to flirt, purchase drinks, etc. it makes for fun times) and one guy in particular took a shine to my sister (who tried to hook him up with me, which failed of course) and he bought us some drinks, schmoozed, nothing unusual. my sister was a bit ecstatic about the attention. it happens regularly at the bar, but i guess when out with girlfriends, these things are more fun and celebrated. this past weekend my sister also happened to break up with her bf of 3 years.. due to MANY reasons.. mainly the fact that she's graduating, not sure where her life is going, and is not ready for marriage and the like.. she just wants a break.. fully understandable. of course my mom makes it out like she wants this guy from the bar and is sex crazed or something he's sex crazed or something along those lines (which if you knew my sister, you'd know that's not true) and is somehow convinced that my sister broke up with her bf of 3 years.. who she still deeply cares about, to specifically go out with this guy she doesn't even know.

and of course my mom went on and on to my sister's now ex about this 'situation' she's created which made me mad (it's no one's business but my sister's.. she should not be butting in, it's one thing to console him and listen but another to make shit up and exaggerate (which my mom happens to be an expert at) so i said as much and called my sister to giver her a head's up that her now ex is going to probably call and probably be severely upset.. and of course.. drama crying and craziness ensue and i am left to mediate. oh fun. i think i really got myself into a mess on this one.

glad i'm off to delaware this weekend! if i'm still alive that is..

also. i am off to giant to purchase healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits. i'm trying to make myself healthier and more physically fit. i'm thinking maybe if i start my new year's resolution before new year's i might keep it up a little better?? maybe? we'll see. i also have a $10 off purchase coupon for giant. i love coupons.

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