My Second Home

To all you design kiddies interested (and following suit to kristin’s previous post).. here she is.. my little home away from home. I actually tidied it up a bit before taking this shot. I’ve got all sorts of whatnot strewn about.. my G4 (most definitely not the newest and best) with an old not-so-fancy monitor, i make do (but i have CS2 at least, so that's a plus) design books/magazines, flourescent post-its, a caddie with pens/pencils/highlighters/sharpies, chapstick, ipod, scanner, files, space heater, mint m&ms, an orange so i pretend to be healthy, doodles, posters/printed et cetera, a broken lamp, and various toys.. you know, the necessities. enjoy!

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Jenna said...

hey i have that same snowglobe!