The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design

So I guess All Saints Day has just come around and my mom got up early to research it for her Sunday school class. As I sat down for breakfast I noticed a packet she had printed out for me to look at. Turns out she found The Six Patron Saints of Graphic Design. If you are a designer and have any knowledge of Catholocism, Western Religion in general, or spent most of your youth in the church, you may want to check this out. I foud it quite funny! I'm a particular fan of Saint Exacto and Saint Pantone. The pictures that go with each are priceless! Even has eery church music to go with it.


Anonymous said...

i'm a devotee of st exacto... i've got the messed up left pointer to prove it.

marcos freitas said...

ahaahahaha thanks for sharing it!
st. anxieté & st. exato ...i'll pray for them from now on ...to keep our fingertips where they must be heheheh and for the good foamy coffee to be near whenever it's needed ahahahahah