I'll show you cutting edge!

OK. I need to rant here. A little designer-ly peeve..

I CAN'T STAND IT when clients ask for something 'cutting edge.' Something 'fresh' yet at the same time 'solid' 'classic' ..pick your term. This just bugs me! These terms are so vague. They don't say anything about design direction! One person's 'cutting edge' could look totally old school to someone else. I need actual material.. give me feelings, adjectives that conjure up an image, an idea. Give me color schemes, examples. I want something 'classic'.. ok. elaborate! What message are you trying to convey? What colors are you leaning toward? Do you want classic as in warm and inviting or cold and corporate? Don't send me one dinky file of a logo (bevelled/embossed/dropshadowed, too small, and poorly designed) with no direction or explanation and expect me to come up with something jaw-dropping. It's just not going to happen.

Argh. Clients.
Meh. Tuesdays.

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Jenna said...

classic: means black, white and red. helvetica.

cutting edge: means stupid messy designs we though were cool in college. with birds, deer, or silhouettes of both. (guilty here).

fresh: negative space. over saturated pictures.

solid: see classic, add one element of the other 2.