Wonder Years and Mac(crap)Book

Saw the guy that plays Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years at Fido this morning. That's right, you know you're jealous. I was excited, not enough to talk to him or ask for an autograph, I'm classier than that. But it was pretty exciting. That show's a classic. Also, yesterday some people from work saw Bobby Flay, also at Fido. The Food Network was shooting some special about Las Paletas (the most delicious gourmet popsicles ever) that are made in Nashville. Fido's quite the place to be I guess!

In other news, Macbooks are shit. At least their hard drives are. After having mine only 1.25 years, the hard drive crapped out. Completely kicked the bucket. I was furious. Abolutely livid. I kept my cool though, I'm good at that. Luckily the nice folks at the Apple store filled me in on what to buy and how to install a hard drive myself. That way I'm only spending a little over $100 as opposed to $300 for Apple to do it, and probably put in a shitty hard drive again anyway. Meh. Technology bites.

Come on Thanksgiving! Everyone be safe and gorge yourself on turkey and stuffing!

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Josh said...

I loved that. thanks a bunch.