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I swear I had two other posts here. I must have only saved them as drafts. Ah well. This week is full of busy. I went to Exit/In on Tuesday to see Band of Horses. They are AMAZING. The Funeral is just such a gorgeous song. Their show was awesome. Their voices and the way they play, I was consumed. The crowd itself sucked, but that's generally the case at Exit/In. I was right up front too. Wicked sweet. I didn't get pictures, but the people next to me got enough to keep every photo album in Nashville stocked. Anyway, it was wonderful. Here's the music video for "The Funeral." Definitely one of my new favorites.

Also, I went to a hockey game tonight. I've decided I'm an official Preds fan. I have to say, I'm really not a fan of sports, but I really do enjoy hockey games. I don't know that I'd like to watch it on TV, but live, it's GREAT! The games are really fast-paced and get pretty intense. Perfect for short attention spans. Plus, it's not outside and they play rock music. Aside from the game, I had also inadvertently made three other plans for the night: an AIGA meeting which I missed, a henna party and a rock show. I think the hockey game was the best choice of the four.

So moving forward, I got an email today from a Marketing Research company that wants me to do some freelance print ads for them. I'm pretty stoked. I have to give them a timeline and pricing. It's been awhile since I've come up with that kind of stuff. I really like working with this client so I think it will be fun. I designed an illustrated Christmas email campaign for them which was REALLY fun. I'm excited. I hope it all pans out.

And on a fun note: here is the "Regular Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song." It was passed around the design team. HILARIOUS.
Here's the first one and the second. Way funny.

and 2


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