danger will robinson

unmarked white vans = shady business

if you are a healthy reader of trashy horror fiction, then you are well aware of the sinister evil that is the unmarked white van. Nothing good comes from unmarked white vans. Don't believe me? Google 'unmarked white van.' I'm serious. Unmarked white vans usually mean some shady business. Not necessarily bad business.. but definitely shady and questionable. Because really, why would you need to ride around in an unmarked white van (i'm not talking soccer mom style van, i'm talking industrial, if it had a logo on the side it would be kosher white van).

today while i was driving home from work there were 5 GM unmarked white vans (complete with the little cage looking thing on the inside, separating the back from the front) on the interstate with me. not a single one of them had lisence plates. one van even had a lengthy black scrape on its left side and a loose bumper.

my curiosity was most definitely piqued.

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