Brighton B. Yellow

Boyd's Bears took the bait! Now I just have to prove my worth and wow them with my illustration finesse. I'm wicked excited! You see the little illustration of the coloring book cover next to the bear? Yeah, if I get this, I'll be designing and illustrating 6 new coloring books (and you can bet your ass my illustrations will be a heck of a lot better than that!). And if I push myself and do a super job and they love it.. I should be looking at $15,000.. at least that's the quote I gave and they didn't argue. They asked me to send a sample of some illustrations for them to look over (which I'll do over the weekend) and if they like what they see they want me to do 6 coloring and activity books, 12 pages each, front and back, so that's 144 illustrations.. due June 2, well, first draft due June 2. It'll be a TON of work, and I'll probably lose some sleep and go without seeing sunlight for awhile, but i'll be totally worth it! I could pay off a student loan with that! or at least a nice chunk of one! (and possibly a new iMac? and new software? hmm?) But I'm jumping ahead. I have to wow them first, get the final OK, do the work.. THEN daydream.. but still.. it's nice to think about!

Now if only I'd hear back from HGTV... that would definitely make my week. as long as it's good news anyway..

Also. There's a new product by Kellog's called 'Yogos.' The strawberry ones are good. They're like strawberry yogurt coated strawberry fruit snack things. Pretty tasty and strawberry-ee.

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