For the most part, i find people rather annoying, but every so often i'll meet people who i just think are the greatest. i love meeting real, genuine, people.. who are smart, can hold a conversation.. who are actually worth something to society. the elderly cashier at office depot is just such a person.

Every time i go to office depot i have the same cashier. he's a taller, elderly gentleman, with a bit of a paunch, less than perfect teeth, and silver hair. he's pretty much one of my favorite people ever. we always wind up in conversation, about school, work, the weather, where to see the best fall foliage.. regular things. but this man ALWAYS has the best advice. no, not advice really, just good words i suppose.

the other day i purchased an external hard drive and i was wearing a green boston hoodie. while the stock kid was retrieving my box o' technology, he started asking me if i've been to boston and we started talking about new england and the change of seasons and the weather in general. somehow we got into the discussion of working full time, and how the end of daylight savings time is the worst, and winter isn't nearly as enjoyable (but boy was sledding great when we were kids!).. he asked if i went to college and i said how i went for design and am now a designer in hazleton and he was so happy to see that i'm using my college education and it makes him so mad to see kids who graduate and 3 years later wind up flipping burgers.. and i said that my pay isn't very much, even with an education and he assured me not to worry and that i will 'earn my steps' (old people phrases are great) and that he worked in the federal government for over 45 years and it took him 30 years to get to the top. he reassured me that i will get to where i want to be. it takes time and patience and i'm young yet.

he was just so pleasant. a great guy. he talked about his wife and how great she is. it was SOOO nice to talk to someone who's happy with their life and the world. even while tending the cash register at office depot, he was pretty much the best and friendliest cashier i've ever encountered.

it was nice.

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