the BIG weekend!

I've got 15 minutes before I leave for Wilkes-Barre. Once there I'll be flying to Pittsburgh, then off to Nashville! I'm WAY excited! Flying always makes me a little nervous, but not for the usual reasons.. I just hate all the rigamarole, the lugging around bags, taking off shoes and all your metal bits, getting from A to B. I always feel rushed, and it just seems like so. much. hassle. I'm always nervous I'll be in the wrong place, or my luggage will somehow offend the airport people, or I'll miss my flight, or leave my bag somewhere. I wish I had the time to drive it. All that requires is throwing my crap in the trunk, plugging in the ipod, and filling the tank. I need some coffee, then it's off on an adventure!!

I can't wait for Monday!! Wish me luck!!

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Jenna said...

Taylor good luck!!! Please call me when you have time to tell me all about it. I'm never on Aim because work uses something else. But i want to hear about it all!!