KUCD @ the APD

Just got back from a mini Kutztown CD (and other) grad reunion at the APD (airport diner to those not in the know). *sigh* It was SO good to see everybody! Many of the attendees I've not seen since graduation. It was so good to catch up with people, swap stories, talks of new jobs, new adventures, work frustrations, met a few new faces. It was nice to be able to exchange stories and not have to go back and explain things.. like.. 'and you see, there's 4 color process and Pantones.. now a Pantone ink..' we talked about Wacom tablets, the new Macs, who's married, who's not, who's moved where.. it was a good time. Plenty of good coffee, french toast, and the hugs. OH THE HUGS!!

Of all the things I've missed at Kutztown, I'd say the hugs are what I've missed the most.

I've got Nashville ahead and good friends and memories to carry along with me.

life. is. GOOD.

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