My good friend Jenna has initiated a DioRama contest, paste and crayola style (you know, that project in elementary school where you make a world inside a shoebox). The theme is 70s sitcoms (I've got dibs on All in the Family). All entries due July 6th and a prize is yet to be determined. Rules are listed below as per Jenna's blog...

Rules are as follows! ( surely they will be appended )

1. All entries are due July 6th 2007. You can email me a picture (if you have no blog) but to be fun, lets all post for judging on our own sites on the 6th. Kevin is getting a TV blogger to judge for us.

2. Theme is "Favorite 70's sitcoms." Must be a half hour long show and Happy Days, M*A*S*H, Mary T.M, All in the Family, Maude, Threes Company, And the Bob Newhart Show - are Taken. There are many, many, more left.

3. You must do a scene or event that aired in the 70's. (Example, I can't do the series finale of M*A*S*H, even though I want too)

4. You must use materials that were available to you in 3rd grade. No flat screen laptop monitors, or fancy design work. Think elementary school, son.

5. Must be contained in a standard sized shoebox. (If you work at Reebok, you have no excuses. If you work in Tennessee, you have a couple)

6. Winner gets something. Not sure what yet. I think we should all throw in 10 bucks and get them an ipod shuffle or ebay gift card.

7. PLease post your show here so no one else can take it. Note which are already taken.

8. You're co-workers and friends may enter as well. People in my office are already excited.

Let's get creative!

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