Getting my Hike On!

Going backpacking again this weekend. Heading out to Dayton, TN to check out Laurel-Snow Pocket Wilderness. I'm WAY excited!! A weekend jam-packed with mountains, waterfalls and, well, wilderness!

I created a logo for a co-worker and he gave me a $50 REI giftcard which meant I had some burned holes in my pockets. Went out to REI last night and bought this here Kelty Coyote pack. I haven't hiked with it yet, but I could tell a huge difference between this one and the borrowed Kelty I used last month. This one is fully adjustable so I could fit it exactly to my 14.5" torso... WHAT a difference! No spaces between the shoulder straps and shoulders, the waist strap fit around my waist and not my hips. I can't wait to see how it performs this weekend. Also while I was there I splurged and bought a pair of hiking pants. That store really is dangerous. At least everything I buy there (not on sale) goes toward my cash-back dividend at the end of the year.

I've also decided to start slowly acquiring gear, one piece per month. The pack was my first priority but then there's a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, camelback, etc. etc. And at some point (not this year) I'd love to get a kayak. Sigh.

p.s. Heather, you should join the Nashville Hiking Meetup! Even though you're in Knoxville, we do a number of hikes further east (mostly along the Cumberland Plateau, but still, at least backpacking, seems a lot of the hikes are 2.5-3hrs. east of here). Also, I need to get out to the Smokies now that the weather's getting nice. Seriously.

Anywho, back to work.

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HEATHER said...

yes you need to come to the Smokies!! i'd love to have you anytime. I'll look into the Nashville hiking meet up since its so close and you're in it too. Sounds like a good time! we live so close to each other, we should be hanging out!!