Wired.. is it worth it?

So it's been almost two weeks since I've had internet in my apartment. I'm debating whether or not I really want to suck it up and get internet. The absolute least expensive option I can find is DSL through ATT which would involve setting up a landline ($13/mo. being the cheapest) and then getting internet ($19.99/mo. for cheapest, $32.00/mo. for decent quality). And really, I just think that's a lot to pay when so many places give it away for free. Not to mention the hassle of yet ANOTHER bill to pay each month.

Sure, using the internet at a coffee shop means I have to pack up my junk and cart myself to the nearest café, but when I get there, I am WAY more productive than when I'm working at my apt. I actually focus and get stuff done (and while stuff is loading I doodle with my Wacom). I don't spend as much time messing around on myspace or facebook or just random nonsense. And the fact that I'm at a computer ALL day every day is really making me re-think how much time I was spending at my computer. I probably checked email upwards of 20 times a day at home, not counting how often I check at work (that's no exaggeration). Sans-connection, I find at night I spend my time reading or watching a DVD, or going outside.. and who knows, at this rate, I might even start using my cellphone once in awhile! And spending time at the coffee shops isn't so bad. It's about the same price if not cheaper (and tastier) to buy 10 cups of coffee a month and soak up some atmosphere and community than it would be to get internet full time.

Anyway. I do miss having the ability to search random stuff whenever I want, but now that the addiction's not as fierce, it's not so bad. I kind of like it really.

For those of you who DO have internet, check this out: ffffound.com. I think Josh, you might like this especially, if you haven't already heard of it. You click on a found image and it shows related images at the bottom of the page, which you click on one and it shows more.. a visually exciting chain of events really. And you can check out the artists' work as well. It's quite inspirational!

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