It's a Death Cab for Cutie kind of day..

The weather outside is gorgeous, it's Friday and for once, not-quite-so-busy (don't dare say slow). It's just a kind of chill, zone-out while listening to music, get-shit-done kind of day. If it were 20ยบ warmer I'd suggest sitting on a porch with lemonade (or sweet tea) and that perfect silence between two good friends, the kind of friends where no conversation is necessary, the company is all that you need, with a witty comment thrown in for good measure. Or even a leisurely stroll through the woods, or meandering around flea markets on a hot morning.

I've got 5 Death Cab for Cutie albums and 1 Postal Service album on shuffle. It's perfectly relaxing. Every time a Postal Service song comes around I think of Conference Services, summer of 04. *sigh* that was a wonderful summer. Jenna and Kevin, I'm thinking of you both today. Your company would be perfect.


k10 said...

Hey Taylor!
my email is orangefuzzy10@yahoo.com. Sorry I didn't check my posts until now! im slow, haha

Jenna said...

shucks, me too

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