I ended this week truly feeling like I've had a bad week. I've felt stressed out, which, despite a number of irons in the fire, I really shouldn't be as stressed out as I've been feeling. I've felt homesick, on which I blame the summer heat and ensuing cabin fever. Yet when I really look back at my week, it wasn't a bad week at all. My problem wasn't the week, but the folks I surrounded myself with. Between some crabby clients, friends having rough weeks, a friend who constantly complains and is depressed about life, to my sisters and their usual boy/friend/boyfriend dramas, to dramas with parents and just drama in general, I realize now that all that outside negativity really weighed me down. My week may have been slightly stressful, but was in no way a bad week.

This week, I am going to be positive. Not in that obnoxious way that some folks can be, but just generally happy. And I refuse to talk to any friends or family who are down on their lives. I can't handle it. For my own sanity, I need to take a week and break away from the sadness. I want to be there for friends and want to listen and hear them out, but for my own well-being I need to just step back a minute and look at how good my life is. Because my life is pretty darn great! It really is. I have a great job, great friends, a loving (albeit dramatic) family. I have some great opportunities I'm working on, am making use of my talents, which I'm lucky to have quite a few. I make decent money, live in a nice area in a nice apartment and have no reason whatsoever to be down on myself. NONE. YOU HEAR THAT BRAIN?! NONE! (ok, maybe I'm going crazy, but I can live with that).

I am going to run more this week. Eat better. Be more productive. Catch up with friends. Care more. And do my darndest to bring some cheer to my own life and that of others. I think tomorrow I will bake a Tandy Cake to bring in to work on Monday. Nothing starts a week off better than a cake topped with peanut butter and chocolate.

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