What the Fitz??

I REALLY like this clock, but for almost $200? You've got to be kidding me. I think I'll try and make my own version, but personally, I'm more of a Garamond fan as opposed to Bodoni. It's just more pleasing I think. I feel Bodoni's sharp contrasts in thicks in thins make it seem kind of harsh, sharp almost. Garamond's friendlier. There's a green version of the Bodoni clock which I like even better and it's a smidge less expensive, but still, I could SO make that... maybe.

I do enjoy this clock too... and.. is that Helvetica? I'm really starting to grow fond of that font. I know it was seriously knocked all throughout school, put down, made fun of. But I'd say this old dog's about to have a mid-life crisis.. maybe start dancing around the house in Hawaiian shorts singing out loud to Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca.." Oh wait. That's my dad. Either way, I really think it's going to resurface as the new 'it' font. We'll see. I could be {probably am} wrong, but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Anywho, check out Fitzu. They've got really nifty (albeit semi-expensive) stuff and assorted thingamajigs. And not just clocks! Check out their line of toy cars designed by designers. Famous ones.

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