Busy and Busier

In between freelance and AIGA craziness, I'm feeling pretty stagnant. I've decided to add some more excitement to my life, learn some new stuff and just improve my quality of life overall. I've recently signed up and am planning to sign up for a lot of new stuff!

• Mondays & Tuesdays: Kickboxing class
• Wednesdays: (starting in September) A Life Drawing class at Vandy's Sarratt Art Center
• Thursdays: Ongoing AIGA Activities
• Fridays: Open for concerts, shows and other social/beer-drinking/entertainment-enjoying activities
• Saturdays: Hoping to sign up for some more hikes with the Meetup group, or go on some on my own. Need to do more backpacking
• Sundays: Church and am signing up for a supper club starting in September.

Particular events I'm stoked about:
• My Morning Jacket Concert
• AIGA Think Tank
• My birthday.. will be planning something this year. Just not sure what yet.
• Paris in May. I AM saving up for this. It WILL happen

Busy busy busy. I am SO ready for fall!! And to all my PA peeps reading this, I will be home for two weeks this year for Christmas and New Years and hope to visit as many friends as possible! So not only am I ready for fall, but I'm wicked excited for Christmas already as well.

Hope summer's winding down well for everyone!


Jenna said...

i hope to see everyone at christmas too. I'll be home for sure. You should visit VT if your home for a long holiday break! New years in Vermont? eh?!

Dave said...

I want to go back to Virgin Falls in the fall when the leaves are changing and hopefully the water level is much higher.