My Brain is Expanding!

So my good buddy at work has found me Rosetta Stone (French) on a bitTorrent site and is giving it to me. I can't WAIT to see what I pull out of my subconscious. I've got 7 years of knowledge tucked away in there.

AAAAAAND even though we have a Lynda subscription at work, he's getting me the PHP and CSS tutorials so I can work on them at home without hogging up time online since only one person can be on at once. So so so so so excited! :-D

I'm really almost kind of am on the verge of randomly driving home for labor day, but it will cost a lot in gas so I probably won't. I don't need to lament on that notion, you all know what I'm talking about.

Instead I think I will immerse myself in computer geekology and study some languages.. both verbal and code. Some people may consider this a lame way to spend a three-day weekend, but I'm actually pretty stoked!

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Dave said...

It's weird how I can listen to my Spanish CDs and learn a few phrase, but then if I don't use them it is gone for good. I need to find some spanish friends who can keep me using and expanding my language skills.