Guilty Pleasure....

I suppose they call them that for a reason. Sigh. My latest guilty pleasure? The relatively new, über-shallow, pop-tastic, OMG-overloaded sitcom: Gossip Girl.

The worst part? There is absolutely nothing about this show that is good. Nothing. The whole premise (if you couldn't guess from the title) is drama and everyone talking about said drama. It's all a bunch of teenagers/early 20-somethings that cheat on each other, lie to each other, spend gobs of money on clothes and shoes, just a whole bunch of awful. Everything I ordinarily hate and loathe.. yet I'm hooked. And I have zero good reasons why. So sad.

Maybe I should spring for cable and start watching something educational. Or just read more. The CW should not be included in free rabbit-ears-style "cable." Totally defeats my purpose for not getting full cable.

Oy vey.

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