The Wrath of KU Public Safety

Just when you thought you were safe...
Shelby, my younger sister, went to register her car at Public Safety today. This car happens to be the same car I used at Kutztown. Supposedly she can't register the car because I owe them $45 in unpaid parking tickets??? Huh what? First of all, I couldn't have graduated without paying my parking tickets, a diploma would not be sitting in my apartment if I had had outstanding tickets. At first I thought that maybe I had gotten a ticket after I graduated, but I would have visited friends at Kutztown in my own car, not the Mazda, so it wouldn't be on that file. According to the overly rude woman, I WAS sent a bill and I probably just "forgot" about it. I'm not the kind of person to let things like bills slide, I don't just "forget" to pay them. I tend to be overly responsible in that way. If I ever received a bill for $45, it would have been paid and if I had a $15 parking ticket, I certainly wouldn't have let it go to $45.

I'll know this afternoon the exact time that I received a ticket and where. Their system conveniently went down while I was on the phone. I also want to know EXACTLY when a bill was sent, because as far as I know, I never received a bill. I have a little bit of an idea that perhaps Shelby took the car to Kutztown last year and maybe got a ticket and since the car is in my name, it would be on my file.

I totally got in an argument with the lady at Public Safety. Sigh. Happy Friday Y'all!

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