cleaning spree

Today was a good day. I got up (around 8 ) and it was really nice out so i forced myself to go running (which i haven't done in about 3 months). i was sooooooo sore! but it felt really really good.

i was the only one home today (mom, dad, and morgan were at morgan's graduation, nik was at a bday party, and shelbs was at a friend's house) so it was nice, i came home, got a nice long shower, made some breakfast then spent the day cleaning the house. We had a HUGE thunder storm! complete with hail and everything! I left the door open the whole time, just to get some of that nice air in the house, and i liked the sound of the thunder and rain. thunderstorms are my favorite.

I took a break from cleaning around 11 and went to the mall to pick up a card for my mom, and some chocolate for her, and also wound up spending $65 on myself (don't worry, I spent $50 on my mom's actual gift, so It wasn't like i spent $10 on her and $65 on myself) came home and wrapped mom's gifts, made some lunch, cleaned a bit, then took a nap. had a bit of a migraine when i woke up, but i took a few excedrin and it went away.

tonight i cooked my filet mignon. it was SO good!! i made a little sauce thing to go with it, i chopped up 3 kinds of tomatoes, and made a sauce out of soy sauce, dijon mustard, parsley and garlic and mixed it with the tomatoes with salt and pepper. it was SO delicious on the steak! and i made fresh green beans to go with it. it was a picture perfect dinner. sometimes i wish i had gone to cooking school instead of design, but i wouldn't want to be a chef, i just want to learn all the ins and outs of cooking just for myself, i wouldn't really want it as a career. it was fun. i love cooking.

and that's about it, caught the ending of king kong with my parents, it was pretty sad. and then watched boring tv shows with my dad (which is a favorite pastime of mine)

overall, i'd have to say it was a peachy saturday. really can't complain. :-)


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