a nutshell, in which my weekend resides

This weekend, I must say, was fairly fantabulous, or at the very least fun. Let's give 'er a rundown:

Friday: Friday afternoon Morgan and I went tanning. That's right folks, tanning. I have ALWAYS been very much against tanning, but Morgan being the devil on my shoulder, talked me in to it. It was.. mm.. interesting, and kinda creepy. The place we went was kinda skeevy, shady, and had posters of half-naked overly tanned models everywhere. It was like a porn shop's little sister, not hardcore or quite as creepy, but still a bit on the nasty side. Definitely needed a shower right after i got home. Then came friday night (brace yourselves)

Friday night Morgan and I decided to go out to Harry's (a local bar) neither of us planned on getting drunk (I volunteered to be DD, which is fairly uncommon of me) but Morgan, the girl of little to no self control, got good and smashed. After a couple hours she dragged me over to Hess' (another local bar) against my will.
So anyway, we're at Hess', she's ogling some random dudes, they leave, then she drags me to some bench by the pool tables. She's all flirty flirt with one of the guys playing pool when out of nowhere two drunk guys come over, one of which is all over morgan in a most obscene way. I automatically figure 'oh wonderful, here we go' and then the other guy, Jim, sat next to me and we started talking. He right away pointed out my stand-off-ish ness. I'm just not an overly social person. Especially when i'm 100% sober, swimming in cigarette smoke, and waiting for Whorgan to finish flirting with guys. But needless to say, we talked most of the night and he even dragged me on to the dance floor (and mind you, i'm a HORRIBLE dancer when i'm sober and generally avoid it at all costs.. i'm probably bad at dancing when i'm drunk too, but at that point i don't care) so anyway, i make a good ass out of myself, but it was fun, and then we watched morgan and her guy hang all over each other (which was kinda gross). So then we went over to the bar and talked some more. He really seemed like a cool guy, despite the drunkennness. Very regular, as in not a douche-bag. Didn't hang all over me, very non-invasive. And was actually interesting and seemed like a nice guy. I liked that.
Then he decided we should go get pizza, and then morgan and the other guy came over (and he was particularly annoying, i think his name was al or something. he was very much a douche-bag) i offered to give them a ride home. (al-whoever and jim are roommates). Jim showed me pictures of when he was a zookeeper (which i found particularly cool. especially where he was holding an alligator.. i definitely couldn't do that!) anyway, it was a most enjoyable evening, even though he was drunk.

I would hope this jim guy and i become friends, but i think he's just going to be "that guy i met at the bar that one time" though i did give him my screenname. who knows. i wouldn't mind a new friend around here

Saturday: so did you get through that horribly long paragraph? eh? Saturday was super low key. Woke up, forced my fat ass to go running, cleaned my room way seriously. Cleaned out the closet and all my bureau drawers and everything. Went on a short hike, and then just bummed around the rest of the night.

Sunday: went to church, had to read the prayers and accidentally read the part the pastor was supposed to read. oops! After church I went to a Premier Designs Jewelry party with Helen, the woman I work with. She's REALLY nice! Such a wonderful person. The party was actually fun. The woman who hosted it works for a company that is one of our clients. Her house was GORGEOUS! It was out in New Tripoli. It was a good time, I must say. I like hanging out with middle aged women. They're so much nicer, less stuck up, and have less hang ups than girls in their 20s. You wouldn't believe the crap that middle aged women talk about too.. anything from pets to sex toys, it's great! And I got to have some wine, good food, play cheesy games, and spent $72 on jewelry I really didn't need. Came home, talked to Kim on the phone awhile, probably call Karen later tonight. Overall it was a good day.

If you're still conscious after reading this, congrats!

But now, I'm in the mood for some sweatpants and donnie darko! 'night folks!

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