Concerts and Such

So, Damien Rice is a no go. Boo. Waited too long for tickets. BUT Nickel Creek is playing end of November and tickets go on sale Sep. 21. Thought of maybe going to see Kings of Leon but I hear they're not that great live and they've got really bad attitudes, and I'm not a HUGE fan. I only know a few of their songs.

I REALLY wish Iron & Wine would come through. That would kick ass.

It ACTUALLY feels like fall today. We got a ton of rain and mix that with all the heat-wave-induced dead leaves, it smells very fallish. And the weather definitely has a Fair-week feel to it. It's still warm, and super humid from the rain, but much cooler than usual. It's all gray and gloomy. I LOVE it. :-)


HEATHER said...

i'm digging the weather right now too. yesterday i was in traffic on 40 when it started to rain and people were cheering. it was awesome.

are nickel creek still together? i heard that they "pre-announced" their break up for 2007. if they are still together i'm very excited!

Jenna said...

see them. when they play "the fox" you'll not be able to stay still. Iron and wine is up in boston nowish ( ERIN ) but not coming out west or down south anytime soon.