Entertaining Entertainment

Went to see The Ten at The Belcourt last night. Hilarious. It's directed by the same folks who did Wet Hot American Summer. I have to say I loved it. Not too many good reviews from what I've seen while perusing the interweb, but I liked it. It was totally cheesy, campy, hokey, and great for some good laughs. It's no Superbad, but neither is Wet Hot American Summer. It's ten short stories each based on one of the Ten Commandments. They are all kind of linked together, with no one major plot. I found pretty much every story surprisingly funny, and not one of them easy to predict (because really, when you think the Ten Commandments, it's easy to have preconceived plot notions). I'd say if you've got a spare 8 bucks it's worth a go.

Swap O' the Wifeys I actually watched some TV tonight that is not in the form of an Arrested Development DVD. If any of you have not seen the ABC show Wife Swap, I highly recommend it. Tonight was HILARIOUS! The one family seriously thought they were pirates. No joke. They live a life of "Piratude." No rules, no cleaning, fleas and total chaos. And they swapped with a Barbie doll-type family. The woman and daughter both looked to much like Britany Spears for my comfort and EVERYTHING in the house was labelled in it's own plastic bin. Food, Clothing.. everything labelled. Which bin for light clothes and darks, every shelf in the pantry was labelled. It was nuts! Bins for lined paper, scratch paper, fancy paper, photo paper. A separate Rubbermaid bin for light bulbs! Everything in plastic (which really was fitting for the family). Needless to say, it was highly entertaining seeing the two wives switch places.

In other news. Nothing. I worked late today cause I had some picky clients so I didn't join the gym, was lazy and ate two packets of easy mac and a banana for dinner. Watched TV and am now going to return a movie to Blockbuster (The Bridge. Crazy. Very sad, controversial but really interesting. It's a documentary about all the folks who jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge in 2004 with interviews from a survivor and various friends and family members of the victims).

Anyway, I plan on a full night of sweatpants (maybe Ben & Jerry's, but the afterguilt may be overwhelming) and Harry Potter VI.. and I don't even have PMS! YEAH LAZINESS!

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