exciting excitement!!

We did it! We hit our ultimate goal and we all here at Emma are getting a bonus! I am WAY excited. Next Friday I'll be receiving an extra paycheck with which I will be getting new tires, an oil change, a sticker and emissions test AAAAAAAAAND a gym membership!!!! ALSO I got a $50 gift card for helping out a grouchy client and in the end having him LOVE his stationery and LOVING emma! (and seeing as how he's a former Constant Contact junkie, that's pretty sweet!).. SO i'm not sure what i want to spend it on, but it's certainly made my week a bit sweeter. P.S. Laura ROCKS! (she's the one in sales that sold him the account and had to put up with more crap than i did. she's a trooper!)

Again I say, I LOVE emma! I love the people, the work, [almost] all of my clients. For instance, Tuesday night, a block from my apt., Jason (who is our kick-as IT leader who also plays some killer jazz) happened to be playing a gig. A nice handful of emma peeps showed up and it was a fabulous time! And tonight there is an emma sales team karaoke extravaganza (which I'm on the fence yet as to whether I feel like attending). But anywho, I love 'em all. Really and truly. It's just a good and fulfilling time overall.

ALSO in the Emma news.. the Fido crew (i.e. the baristas at emma's favorite coffee shop) took down a wanted thief who was trying to steal a laptop (running back to his stolen car).. we awarded them with medals.. CHECK OUT THE STORY!

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Josh said...

well damn. are they still hiring? haha.