Four-Legged Roomate **Coming Soon**

I was SO close to getting a black lab puppy today. A friend of a friend of a friend of a friend found a box of black lab puppies on the side of the road over the weekend and was giving them away. I called but sadly they had all been placed. I really can't afford a puppy this month, and really shouldn't be looking to get a puppy at all but rather a full grown dog. But puppies. Sigh. Who doesn't love puppies. I want one, but now just isn't the time I suppose.

BUT in other four-legged mammal-friend news, I've been talked into getting a kitten! (Or possibly two, not sure yet). Matt, a fellow emmanite, has kittens.. or rather his non-pet-caring neighbor's cat had kittens behind his porch. There's an all black one, two gray ones and a striped fella. I'm pretty much definitely going to go for the black one, but am tempted to check out a gray one too. I know I definitely still want to get a dog after Christmas, so I'm leaning toward taking just one. Two cats and a dog is a bit much for one apartment. I'll be getting pics soon. The kitties are still nursing yet and have no shots, so it'll be awhile before I can get one, but how exciting! I'm all for fuzzy friends!

Throw me some name suggestions!

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