kittens and metal detectors

The kittens punctured holes throughout my exercise ball with their oh-so cute claws of theirs. Argh. They must have put a lot of holes in it because I can't get it to stay fully inflated for a whole workout (when I pulled it out of the closet it was a droopy mess). Kittens, you are both on my shit list.

In other news, two dudes (one tall and lanky and bald and one overly hairy and fat) with a 4-ish or 5-ish year old girl were wandering around the yards of two empty lots next to my apartment. Fully clad with huge honking metal detectors. I could hear the beeping noises in my bathroom. Creeped me out, but I also found it very amusing. It's interesting to see the hunger and passion for exploring and discovery of ages past has dwindled and morphed to metal detectors in empty lots. The little girl seemed to be having a great time though! Turns out they were Civil War buffs searching for old bullets. Pretty neat, but creepy nonetheless. I'll bet deep down, they like to pretend they're pirates.

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this post is what blogs should be, thanks