Turns out i've got a mild case of bacterial pneumonia. yesssss. i'm on zythromycin (i'm pretty sure i spelled that wrong) and mucinex (which is supposed to help my cough.. i'm still waiting for that to happen). My lungs hurt. my body hurts. my throat hurts. everything hurts. my room is a haze of vick's vapors. i'm not dying though. and aside from just being achy and sore, it's not that bad. i'm still functional. i guess it's usually triggered by the flu or some other upper respiratory infection (which i had the flu all last week, so that would explain it) and once i saw that blood was starting to mix in with the green phlegm i was hacking out of my lungs, i kind of figured it was probably more than a cold. i'm kind of excited to tell my boss tomorrow about it. he hasn't seemed too happy about the fact that i missed 2 days of work then left early today for a dr. appointment. maybe i'll cough on his desk. or his lunch.

also. on a happier note. i may have some upcoming freelance work with Bartlett Nuclear (the company my dad works for). i made up some REALLY crappy posters for a safety giveaway he's doing with his crew and i guess the company was impressed (which i think is funny, cus seriously, these posters are pretty crappy) but anyway, Bartlett i guess is actually in need of a graphic designer. the one woman who's a head honcho for Bartlett told my dad to tell me to email her the posters and flyers, which luckily my dad did explain that they weren't my best work (and i also sent her links with my REAL work) and contact info.. so hopefully i'll get some side work out of this!

Well, i'm tired of coughing so i'm going to OD on some nyquil, put my tv to sleep in 40 minutes, and call it a night. sleep tight kiddies!

i think by the end of the night my lungs will have either dissintegrated or painfully force themselves out of my body. fuuuuuuuun.

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