Top 5

Here is a short list of my favorite 5 people I've ever met. Some are still in my life, some are not.
(List is chronological)

1. Johnny (my grandfather. the most intelligent person i've ever met. wonderful sense of humor. a superb human being.)
2. Jason Taylor (my first best friend. met in kindergarten. he taught me how to zipper my jacket. my mom used to pick on me, say we'd get married and i'd be Taylor Taylor. he moved away the following summer)
3. Aaron Cole (became friends in 1st grade. Has attended every birthday party. Helped me ace the math section of the SATs. One of the most genuine people I've ever met. I hope we stay friends forever)
4. Mr. Ryan (my middle school art teacher. Huge influence and role model. I cried when I graduated high school only because I knew I'd miss him)
5. Kevin Boyle (became friends freshman year at KU. most unique person i've ever met. makes for wonderful conversation and has certainly made my life more interesting. hopefully we'll stay friends forever as well)

and that's it. not that the rest of my friends aren't my favorite people too, this is just the top 5 overall

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