15 minutes of fame

i guess last night on WBRE there was a news spot about Attaché magazine and how it featured Northeast PA this month. In this segment they zoomed in on the cover then taped one spread of the magazine.. which happened to be the spread that had my two ads on it!! (which was the only spread they taped i guess.. yay!) :-D Dave called them and is getting copies made and i'm trying to get a hold of the actual magazine itself. this makes me very excited!

also.. i convinced mike and dave to take the time to reformat my computer.. seeing as how my computer's been freezing and crashing and all of my microsoft programs pretty much died, and every time i pdf something none of my clients can open it.. also, it doesn't help that for some reason my computer is missing all the system fonts.. hmm.. (my boss was like 'oh, well you don't need those to design so it's ok' mm.. no, the system actually NEEDS those fonts to run the programs.. hence they're the system fonts which is probably why everything's crashing and burning -as in my microsoft stuff, my web browsers, my calendar, etc. etc. so after much persistence i got my way! and now i'm going to have OSX Tiger! (i had OSX10.2 before)

financially, i'm a mess.. i've even played around with the idea of a part time job on the weekends. i guess mike's not quitting now, so i don't know if i'll be able to get a raise or not. i'm going to ask in january though, and be very persistent come spring. i really need to make more money, i don't even have enough for rent (and i'm living at home, so i don't even pay rent, but at some point, preferrably sooner than later, i WOULD like to move out). i've taken on most of his work load anyway, since we were all expecting him to leave. i have a 32 page book in the works, a 12 page newsletter, an e-mail newsletter, an 80-page book (that i haven't gotten a chance to really work on yet) as well as about 40 ads that go in it, a promotional mailer, and designing a web page from scratch (which aside from interactive I i haven't had to really do that.. at least not as in-depth as this will be)-all of this due sometime in january, (though i think the 80-pager won't be done til feb/early march, and i'm printing about 175 each of 27 maps to be bound into map-booklets, as well as oodles of map updates and little maintenance-type stuff. i'm not complaining, i love the work and being busy, i couldn't ask for a better job, it's a great experience, i just wish i were getting paid a bit more for it. so i guess that is complaining a bit. sorry. that's what journals are for i guess, so i'm over it.

so anyway, cookies will be made for christmas, i'm thinking i will be baking this weekend and mailing cookies out this week sometime? i might wind up cutting it close to christmas, baking the 17th/18th and mailing them out that monday, but there will be cookies to people by christmas.. so if some people will be home, i'll need home addresses. if not, i will send them to current addresses, they last a couple weeks, so they should be fine. we'll see.

i just spent the last hour having a mini breakdown about my bills, so now it's time to relax, make some hot chocolate, and read. i've been watching WAY too much tv lately.

also, i ran 2 miles today! yay.

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